How to Write More

How to write more - man typing old typewriter

We tend to procrastinate not only when we are away from our desks, but also when we sit down to write. We turn reading and editing into excuses that slow down our writing. But good writing requires sustained attention and our full presence – there is no other way. Does a feeling of quiet frustration … Continue reading How to Write More

Why Do We Write Our Time Away?

corona typewriter machine on desk

Do we write because we have something to say? Or because we want to find out what we think? Do we write because we enjoy solitude? Or because we are desperately lonely? Do we write because we need to type away the silence? Or because we want to sink deeper into it like in a … Continue reading Why Do We Write Our Time Away?

In Praise of Written Words

Translating your thoughts and emotions into words on paper is comforting. Even if you do it only once in a while, even if you do not try too hard to give your words a specific form. The same is true for the act of reading -- it brings a quietude that is calming and fulfilling. … Continue reading In Praise of Written Words