Why Do We Write Our Time Away?

corona typewriter machine on desk

Do we write because we have something to say?

Or because we want to find out what we think?

Do we write because we enjoy solitude?

Or because we are desperately lonely?

Do we write because we need to type away the silence?

Or because we want to sink deeper into it like in a sea of ink?

Do we write because words outline our identity?

Or because we want to hide behind words?

Do we write to escape people and avoid the world?

Or do we write to celebrate life and understand everyone?

Do we write a little every day?

Or do we write a lot?

Do we wake up in the morning to write?

Or do we survive the workday only so we can write a line or two in the evening?

Why do we write?

To accept ourselves, to create ourselves, to make money, to impress others?

Why does the sun write sunlight every morning?

Why do the leaves write wind?

Why do the clouds write sky?

Why do women write beauty?

Why do sick people write hope?

Why should we even wonder, when a quiet pleasure answers through the words?

7 thoughts on “Why Do We Write Our Time Away?

  1. I think that the part where it comes to accepting ourselves and maybe being creative to inspire others are some of the reasons tho

      1. Thank you for asking. I’m in the midst of my first novel’s revision. It’s going well, but at times quite slow. I got out of sync with posting on WP, but fully intend to get back on track as it were..sometime soon!
        Again thanks and it’s always good to hear from you as well.

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