Hey, I’m Sorry About It


I’m sorry. I’m really sorry about it, you know? I’d really like to read your blog. But I never seem to find the time.

I know you’re putting a lot of effort into it. I know it takes time. Maybe you even plan things ahead and deny yourself simple comforts to do it. I admire that. I think you’re up to something good. I’d really like to show my support. I’d really like to read your blog.

It’s not just a question of time, you know. It’s about the screen, too. Reading stuff on a screen isn’t bad, but it’s not that good, either. Not after a day of writing on the same screen. It dries up the eyes. It reddens them. It’s not your writing, don’t worry. It’s just the screen.

I’d really like to read your latest post. Find out what you’ve been up to. Whether you’re blogging about books and writing, photography, or fashion. Whether science is your thing, or you’re a film buff, or an art critic. Reading your blog is like getting to know you. I’d like that. I’d like to comment on it, too.

You probably have things to say, things you feel you have to say. That’s why you post on your blog. Your blog isn’t just a bunch of pages lost in the world wide web. It’s an extension of who you are, a digital instance of your multi-dimensional existence. It’s a big thing, you know.

I don’t read half as many blogs as I would like to. I’m ashamed. Today, for instance, I wanted to read at least three blogs. I ended up reading none.

You can blame it on Shen Fu. Shen Fu was a 19th-century Chinese official. He was quite in love with his wife, Yun. He wrote The Old Man of the Moon. I read it. I read that and it satisfied my need for reading. I then did other things.

But that is really only an excuse. Bad time management could be another. And unsocial ready habits yet another.

There are 24 hours in a day, and I don’t sleep more than 7 or 8. Sixteen hours should be enough for at least three blogs…

I am really ashamed of myself. I don’t read as many blogs as I would like to. I need to do something about it.


How many blogs do you read on a normal day?

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

33 thoughts on “Hey, I’m Sorry About It

  1. Hi there Vincent 🙂

    I think you’ve put into words what a lot of us think while at the keyboard. As bloggers, we know the work involved in blogging, and a lot of us care to follow fellow bloggers and make their efforts worth the while… But we only have 24 hours a day, and we feel bad for not “being there” enough.

    As for your question… It really depends on the day. Somedays I’ll catch up on a couple of bloggers I really like, going back the past posts I missed. Sometimes, I just pick a few from my Reader… And sometimes, I allow myself the right to post or not, and not visit others if I really don’t have time.

    I think it is the intention that counts… People can feel that. I hope so 🙂

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I read between 3-7, on average. I think you may have missed the writer’s hubris bit, tho. The Internet has allowed for the creation of a writer’s community, but many writers are still solo. They want you to read, subscribe, re-blog, and advertise their work via word of mouth–but they don’t give a damn about what you have written. There’s still a lot of that out there.

    1. Sure, you’re right about that. But some of those writers you mentioned could say that their audience consists mostly of readers – people who ‘consume’ but don’t produce content. For example, I notice that plenty of WordPress.com users don’t maintain blogs of their own, or delete them at some point.

      1. There are a few people who open blogs…just to have a place where they can continually ‘reblog’ everyone else’s work, and they never write one word, one sentence, or one thought of their own. What is the point in that?

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Sunny. I have essentially joined this community. I have something to say or a talent to share. I like feedback. I also feel a desire and responsibility to my fellow writers, photographers, artists, to check out there work. It’s not a one way street. My eyes burn, they also burn when I am writing my own work but I make time for that and i can do that to let others know i appreciate their efforts.

  4. Hello,
    I find it difficult to read blogs, but I try to read wether it be one or 2, but I make a goal to leave then some feedback. What helps me discover more people is when they follow me. I always click on their pages and research their work. From there I find it easier to read more and developed a new love for people’s work.

  5. Some people’s blogs are like their diaries. But the reason we blog is because we want to let people in on that. But we know how hard it can be to find the time to write, so it can be even harder to find the time to read!
    Great post, keep it up!

  6. You just happened to touch where it hurts most. Thing is, just like House of Heart put it, we want to be appreciated, but nobody is willing to return the favor and appreciate the other person. So by the end of the day, it’s all about making an effort to do so.

  7. I try to visit as many blogs as I can, putting in the extra effort to reach out to those who have taken the time to visit me, life gets in the way, I get that, but it sure warms the heart to get an echo back!

  8. I think that it would be safe to say that a lot of people here in this site is here to express and let their world be discovered by others. Still, it depends on the person if he would choose to engage on others’ but I’m pretty sure doing it would be a really great heart warmer.

  9. Please don’t be ashamed, boy with a hat.
    I find that if I am interested in something, then I ‘make’ the time. You made the time for Shen Fu. (Perhaps you should also make the time for writing before anything else, if you are interested in it.) You are an excellent writer. You cannot be good at everything, even though it would be wonderful. To be good at everything may seem equivalent to being perfect, but in fact, a friend once told me that to be perfect is to be as good as one can ‘possibly’ be. It is not possible for one to be good at everything. One can only do what they can–try their best. You are right, and there is not enough time in the day to follow every whim to its end.
    I detest the idea of people going to my place on the internet because they feel that it is essential. They ought to come if they find it interesting, only. I cannot say how many blogs that I read, because of my spontaneity.

  10. If I could, i’d spend days just sitting here and reading blog posts. There’s so many interesting posts I miss out on just because I can’t seem to find any time in the day. Being a full time student who’s in the middle of writing a book eats up most of my day, and by the time everything’s wrapped up, it’s late and I’m exhausted.
    I think I need 48 hour long days.

  11. Oh, yes. This is something I am guilty of, as well. Switching up my routine a bit, since my old ones was not working out too well. We need to wait and see what the results will be.

  12. Hahahaaa….sorry, but I had to laugh… This is more or less what I blogged about in my last entry! I was bemoaning the fact that I enjoy writing, but I don’t get the readers and the comments! (ie the ‘validation’) That made me stop, and I haven’t blogged for 2 years! But now I’m back, so if and when you have the time… 🙂

  13. What until you’ve written an entire novel and can’t even get your spouse to take he time t read it.

  14. I try and read at least 3-5 posts a day but that is hard too. It’s discouraging to pour out your heart and soul and feel like no one cares, but I think in fact people do care you just have to find the right blog that fits your life in a specific moment of time. Check me out if you are interested​ I would appreciate it! Thanks and I loved this post!

  15. I read your blog from time to time, but I don’t expect anything in return from you! I do try quite hard to follow the blogs of those I do have a genuine connection with as I took up blogging mostly to gain community. Give yourself permission to only read those blogs that interest you, don’t make it a chore or be fake about it, of course you’re going to have trouble showing up to do it if you treat it like that! I genuine connection is worth 1,000 faux ones, y’know?! 🙂

  16. No apology needed. When you’re blogging you’re not writing. Keep doing what you’re doing. Work. Do what you can and continue being honest. Things will fall into place.

  17. Oh dear, I think a LOT of bloggers are guilty of this, myself included. I honestly don’t know how some of them do it. I take it through slumps, really. I go through phases of right clicking every single blog post I want to read and opening it in a new tab, then get back to it once I have a few snatches of free time. Like this blog post. I right clicked it yesterday, thinking, ‘oh that looks mighty interesting’, and only just go round to reading it! 🙂 It does pay off, though. You learn a great deal from reading blog posts, about people and the world. Don’t worry too much about it, Vincent, you’ll find the balance at some point.

  18. This post hits the spot! I love reading blogs and would read them all day long if I could, but reading too much screen time gets to me. I pretty much read more than I blog on my own space. I think I usually get in at least 5 a day. More if possible on some days.

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