7 Blogging Myths You Can Safely Disregard

man reflected in water -- blogging myths you can disregard

Many people say many things about blogging, but not all of them are true. Whether you’ve been blogging for years or are new to this noble pursuit, some blogging myths can cost you time and promote some bad blogging habits. Take these myths to heart, and you may not enjoy blogging as much as you … Continue reading 7 Blogging Myths You Can Safely Disregard

The 4 Big Dangers of Having a Blog (As a Writer)

Melting Watch painting by Salvador Dali (1954)

If you’re a writer, blogging can be an excellent platform for connecting with readers. But it can also distract you from your story-writing and consume your creative energy. Here’s what I mean. Danger #1 – You Are Going to Write About Writing (Too Much) The temptation is always there to write posts about the writing … Continue reading The 4 Big Dangers of Having a Blog (As a Writer)

Hey, I’m Sorry About It

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry about it, you know? I’d really like to read your blog. But I never seem to find the time. I know you're putting a lot of effort into it. I know it takes time. Maybe you even plan things ahead and deny yourself simple comforts to do it. I admire that. … Continue reading Hey, I’m Sorry About It