Oh No, It’s (Almost) Valentine’s Day

Painting Lovers leonid afremov
(c) Leonid Afremov

Does Valentine’s Day mean
You’ll love her a little more today than you did yesterday?
That the day after, you’ll love him a little less
Than you did on Valentine’s Day?
Does it mean chocolate, gifts, and candles?
Discounts for two?
If it’s not a commercial holiday
It sure is a curious way to say “I love you”
For if you don’t say it too much already
You say it not often enough
And so will an “I love you” today
Change things in any way?
Valentine’s Day is the day
When they want you to remember
What you shouldn’t forget
When they want you to celebrate
What you should already celebrate
Or maybe it’s just an excuse
To show her what she knows already
To tell him what
He knows only too well.

3 thoughts on “Oh No, It’s (Almost) Valentine’s Day

  1. Wow, Well written. Valentines day is just another day to celebrate love, which we celebrate more often.. 😊😊

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