Friday Night Again

bike night girls city
photo by cedric brule

What are we to do this Friday night?
A book? A film?
A quiet meal with friends?
An evening out?
A date? A dance? A drink?
A rendez-vous?
What a dilemma that would be,
if we did not have enough Fridays left
to do all that and more,
and not feel too sorry about our choice,
at least not until next Friday,
when we can choose again.
Yes, one of the great things about life
is that there is going to be a next Friday
for a long time from now on,
for you, for me, for most of us, at least.
And when we finally run out of Friday nights,
we may not know it until it’s too late
to regret not having done
what we no longer want to do.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Again

  1. I watched the lego batman movie under a black cloud. But when we emerged from the cinema it was snowing outside, the kind of snow where the snowflakes are minute, drifting down from the heavens like they were made for romance. No romance for me tonight, but I am sure it made for a wonderful romantic backdrop for many many other people. This was a delightful little piece, Vincent. Makes one really appreciate the Fridays!

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