Between You and Me

woman writing paiting
(c) thoughts to myself by sally rosenbaum

A blog is not a page torn from your diary,

A figment of your imagination,

The sum of your experiences,

Or a digital confessional.

Is is not a travel log, a poetry book, or a video channel.

It is more than that:

It is whatever you want to make it.

It is a conversation about whatever you like

Carried out between you, your selfs, and others,

As you climb together the mountain of consciousness,

Past the mists of awkwardness and shame and doubt .

And you speak as if you speak to good friends

Who are glad to hear you,

Who may like, who may comment, who may share

Or who may creep away unseen

Like lovers, like time, like everything else.

That’s okay – they may return some day

When they have more to say.

For my part, I blog to discover myself,

And to discover you,

And I want you to know that

Whoever you are,

Whatever you do,

I am happy to meet you,

And let us get to know each other,

Share our thoughts,

For the climb up the mountain is steep,

And we have a long way to go…

12 thoughts on “Between You and Me

  1. That is beautiful Vincent. I am one of the silent majority of your readers, but rest assured, your words are appreciated here. A lot of them seem to echo thoughts of my own, but just out of reach for me to express, so here it is: a heartfelt Thank you! for your wonderful blog.

    1. I am happy to hear that, Liesbeth. Don’t worry – I am fond of silence myself. Sometimes, I think, there’s more understanding in silence than there can ever be in words.

  2. What a fresh take on ‘Why I blog’ and a sympathetic one too. Popularity seems to be a goal in itself nowadays, wanting to be known for who cares what just as long as you are.. known. And I feel blogging can be like that too, blogging to create followers just to be followed.Your post is a great reminder on what it could be about, without being superficial. Which is fine too, but just not for me. Thank you for this!

    1. When you invest time and effort into blogging, I think you naturally want something in return – followers, likes, comments, and shares. And I think that at some point I craved all that, too. But yes, that’s not the best part about blogging, although it’s easy to let yourself be distracted by it.

  3. Thank you, that is lovely. I’m am extremely infrequent blog reader and in fact yours is the only one I really return to. I do it whenever I get an email reminding me your blog exists, because I find it interesting and I find you interesting. It is nice to meet you too, and thank you, and keep writing. X

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