Out Into the Rain

Dancing in the rain

You lie there on your bed

So lovely and so bored

Waiting for it to clear

Like you did yesterday, and the day before

Waiting for the world to dry

For the gray clouds to break

For an infusion of sunlight, and for a rainbow, too.

It’s not going to happen today, you know,

It will keep on raining, raining, raining

Raining as if it’s a Biblical flood,

Raining as if it’s the end of the world.

Grab my hand and let’s run out!

Let’s stroll down the glassy streets

Let’s listen to the music of the wind and leaves

Let’s splash through the puddles

Let’s forget our umbrella

Let’s dance, let’s hug, let’s hold hands in the rain

Let’s not be afraid of getting wet,

Let’s not be afraid of pneumonia

(If we end up in hospital,

We’ll ask them to put us in the same bed)

Let’s be for a while

Wild like the wind, hectic like the rain,

Let’s be less than comfortable

More than rational,

Let’s shiver, let’s be afraid

Of the thunder and the lightning

For how can we appreciate the warmth,

The softness of our comfortable beds

The quietness of our lives

If we don’t shiver a little before

In the thunder and the cold?

30 thoughts on “Out Into the Rain

      1. I was a little over 14 and madly in love yet obsessed with my mother’s constant warning about boys. His name was Harry, he was such a stubborn boy. He got off to things such as this and one evening we were caught in the rain. It rained ceaselessly and it got cold, bitter cold, neither of us had brought a jacket or worn anything warm. I was getting worried of catching a cold or getting flu, the feeling cannot be admired and I think I get a little uglier when I get sick. He, on the hand was adamant and didn’t seem perturbed by the devilish rain. We found somewhere to shade and he held me only as a lover would to keep me from freezing. I blamed him for being caught in the rain and he kept quiet all the while breathing warm air on the back of my neck. I was getting worried sick of what my mother would say when if I went back to her dripping wet with shrunk hair and her least favourite boy on my tail. In a moment of madness Harry said we should kiss in the rain. I told him he was jocking and he just stood there grinning saying that it would be just like in music videos. Before I could say no, which was Just at my throat he had pulled me into the rains. (Drum rolls) less than two minutes with numb lips and almost stiff bodies and then the heavens decided we should go home. A hailstorm ensued, it really battered us, especially me with my award winning forehead, we ran for it. Needless to say I got punished and sent off to boarding school the next year – Harry got really sick (justice, am I right?) I saw him as often as î could. So not technically dancing in the rain, I still remember it fondly 🙂

  1. Sounds like a conversation I just had with a coworker. We finally got a little rain here in California. It’s broken up now, and the sun has come out, and it’s beautiful. My coworker commented that she wished the weather could be like this all the time. I told her I agree, except… Except without any variety, we’d have nothing to compare it to, and less reason for appreciation. Yes, Vincent. One must get a little uncomfortable to realize the beauty of what they have.

  2. This is so beautiful, I read it twice. This piece reminds me of honey. Warm (maybe not within the words but warm to read), rich and sweet. You have moved me. 🙂

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