9 Things You Can Do on a Rainy Day at Home

coffee books and postcards on rainy windowsill

Something about the pattering of the rain on the rooftop, the dripping of the raindrops on the darkening windowpane, and the warm dryness inside that makes me not mind rainy weather at all. Rainy days cast a spell on me. As a child, I remember watching from the balcony the linden tree outside our apartment … Continue reading 9 Things You Can Do on a Rainy Day at Home

The Warmer Side of a Rainy Window

photograph of a rainy window

It’s good to be on the warmer side of a rainy window. To watch it rain on others but not on you. To float in the dry silence of your own room To have nothing to do Nowhere to go To think of love and death as things that will happen to you on some … Continue reading The Warmer Side of a Rainy Window

Out Into the Rain

You lie there on your bed So lovely and so bored Waiting for it to clear Like you did yesterday, and the day before Waiting for the world to dry For the gray clouds to break For an infusion of sunlight, and for a rainbow, too. It's not going to happen today, you know, It … Continue reading Out Into the Rain