Moonset oil painting
© Copyright Teresa Bernard

What if one night the moon fell from the sky

And like a giant ball

Rolled down your street

Lighting up the sleeping neighborhood and you,

Drawing you to the window,

So that you may catch a glimpse of her rolling away?  

She would turn the corner of the street

And roll down some boulevards

And cross some squares,

Zigzagging her way between the trees,

And roll up some hills,

And go round a lake

And speed up on the highway

And by luck, by chance, by fate

Stop in my backyard.

I’d cover her up with my bedsheets

And turn her into a local attraction,

Charging a modest sum all those who wish to stare at her.

Sooner or later

You’d show up with the crowd,

But I would charge you naught.

On the contrary, I would propose,

That we forsake the crowd, the moon, and city life

And with the earnings I have made

Purchase together a cabin in some secluded Norwegian woods

Where we can admire frosty, moonless, starry nights

And do other things besides,

Depending on your mood.

31 thoughts on “Moonfall

  1. This is such a beautifully haunting image, I can’t get it out of my head! You had me running to my own window in hopes of seeing the moon in my street with the first few lines.

  2. As simple and clear as a frost crystal! Ah, but you have left a vulnerable moon – for someone else to possess. I bet it would be a Public Limited Company within a year and the rest of us would have to pay to see it!

  3. I Love how your poem went from innocent to delightfully naughty! You really have a way with words 🙂

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