The Time Has Come for Change


Faced with an imminent cancer diagnosis, I see myself in need to change my ways to avoid extinction. I must make room in my life for healthy eating, regular exercise, a more focused blog, perhaps even some chemotherapy now and then.

As you have already noticed, I’ve simplified the layout of this blog, going back to the version I used initially. The new layout is less distracting and more intimate. The top posts and fancy badges have moved to the footer.

The gravatar has changed too. I’m not really as handsome as in the old one. (Sorry ladies.) The new one is more me than the real one used to be. As to my name, now I dropped the Anglicized version for the authentic Romanian one father gave me: Vincentiu. I want to make friends with you, so I might as well be honest. Rest assured, I have never lied about anything, yet I feel that I have not be as open to you as I could have been.

The stuff I’ll write about here will also change. Topics that until now have been of little concern to me, such as nutrition, lifestyle, society, and even the outdoors will be regularly discussed.

I’ll still be posting ‘almost-poems’ and other creative writing, but I am resolved to become a more practical person, hoping in this way not only to prolong my existence, but also to enjoy life more.

In the future I even plan to purchase a camera and venture outdoors, but I must take things one at a time. This week, after many delays, I will finally visit the doctor to get some x-rays done.

What will they show? Is the boy truly cancerous? How many tumors does he have? Where are they located? Can he be saved? Or will he perish young?

Keep an eye on this blog to find out!

46 thoughts on “The Time Has Come for Change

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re going through all this, Vincentiu, and good luck with the x-rays. Years ago I had some breast lumps and had to have a biopsy. It was so scary waiting for the results as I was convinced I was dying, but all was well, although the whole experience made me rethink my lifestyle. I do hope the doctor gives you some good news.

  2. Vincentiu is a beautiful name. Thank you for sharing more of yourself with us dear. I hope you have good news from your doctor. And if not, hope is not lost, there can still be good things in life even at the same time as not-so-good things. I wish you the best of luck. Please take care 🙂

  3. Good luck with your appointment and scans. I look forward to reading your future posts. And hopefully to some awesome pictures when you do get out there 😀

  4. My thoughts are with you during this testing time. Life seriously throws some curveballs at us and it’s how we react & make what we can of a situation. Take care!
    Rebecca xxx

  5. All I can possibly say is that I hope for the best of news for you. Please, when you go back for the results, take a friend or family member with you. You’ll be distracted that day and I’m sure you’ll need support.

    1. That’s a good tip. But the thing is I’m not afraid. Part of me actually longs for such a disease because it can liberate me from so many distractions, ambitions, and expectations.

  6. It always feels so good to read you and your feelings.I am a huge fan of your handsome words.They never fail to inspire me. And,I am sure you are just fine.Take care,loads and loads of love and tight hug

  7. Its well with you Vincent. Your writing is beautiful. And no matter what your go through, keep churning out those beautiful write ups. My advice to u however, will be to find a way to trust God for your life. He turns things around, makes the impossible possible and most importantly He heals. Through the name of his son Jesus Christ, you can be made whole. Nothing is conclusive yet, and you don’t have to accept the reports of the doctors. Sure, eat right, exercise and spend time in the outdoors. You will b fine.

  8. I understand your different life perspective. I, too share the same.
    Life is brief; cancer seems to just magnify that brevity.
    I will follow your posts and I wish you great mental strength as well as physical strength.

  9. You will be in my thoughts as I drift off to sleep. I do believe you are on the right road to recovery. Nutrition is a huge part of healing. I became a Vegetarian, almost vegan, 10 months ago. It really has changed my life. Good luck my fellow traveler and may peace be with you always.

  10. Change is always a good thing, especially when you’re doing it to live life to the fullest. I sincerely hope that your diagnosis won’t be what you think it might be because you’re twenty-two years old! And you’re an inspiration to MANY people.

  11. I do believe writing and blogging has been good for you, Vincentiu. I am very pleased to meet you for the very first time…and even happier to hear of your forthcoming adventures. May the xrays bring answers, but only welcome ones.

  12. I hope you’ll be okay. I know that some people have beaten cancer with sheer willpower, so with all your lifestyle changes and your new outlook on life as well, you will prevail! 🙂 I wish you the absolute best of luck with your therapies and treatments!
    I wonder why you didn’t use your name in the first place? Vincentiu is a great name! It sounds as poetic as the words you write! I wonder what the origin of the name is?

  13. would it be wrong to say?
    the first few lines
    brought tears to my eyes
    for one of my favorite writers
    has now…
    oh dear I can’t even say these words
    without disguising my feelings inside
    first a mighty woman I admire
    now my favorite writer
    life is fickle
    and so is ones health
    I wish you best
    And hopefully this is all
    just part of life’s test

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