11 Healthy Habits I Wholeheartedly Recommend (Plus Some Notes Concerning My Woeful Fate)

David Pott

Sorry to disappoint you dear reader of my agreeable blog, but although in my previous post I implied this week I would show you scans with my tumors, I have none yet. Scans I mean. I spent the last week trying to find a suitable general practitioner, a necessary step to receive the benefits of the health insurance I have recently procured to avoid illness-driven penury, and handling various other legal affairs appertaining to my grandfather’s death. Yes, I’m procrastinating, but can you blame me for not being eager to learn I have lymphoma at 22?

To tell you the truth, I don’t feel that bad at present. I’ve lost a lot of weight this year and have infrequent bouts of tiredness as well as several tiny lymph nodes swollen in my neck, but otherwise I’m good. The blood tests are normal, so it’s not like I’m going to die anytime soon. Anyway, it’s the middle of the summer in Romania and it’s sweltering hot. Traveling from my little town to the capital to visit doctors now doesn’t sound to me like a good idea. Sunstroke? Heart-attack? I happen to have a heart murmur as well, a side-effect of unrequited love no doubt. In other words, I’ll do the tests gradually this month and then if cancer is indeed discovered, probably begin the treatment in early autumn.

In the meantime, I’ve been nurturing several healthy habits which I hope will not only strengthen my short and frail body, but also boost my health, improve my immune system, and help me attain serenity. I wholeheartedly recommend them:

  1. Going for a light walk early every morning to breathe some fresh air, stretch the legs, and soak up some sunshine. No headphones! The birds are singing their symphony.
  2. Eating a few spoonfuls of raw peanuts or hazelnuts and good omega seeds (flaxseed, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin) every morning. Nuts and seeds are most nutritious and good sources of healthy oils.
  3. Eating at least three different fruits every day. Fruits have good sugars and plenty of vitamins. I’ve been eating at least an apple every day for months now!
  4. Eating as many vegetables and legumes as my wallet affords.
  5. Eating yummy broccoli! (I really love it. It has probably become my second favorite food, after lentils!)
  6. Giving up on meat of any kind, fish included. It isn’t that hard and gets rid of the feeling of heaviness in your stomach. Besides, it minimizes the number of animal deaths you are responsible for, which is good for your conscience. Not to mention that people who eat meat are more prone to developing cancer than vegetarians.
  7. Eating little to no sugar, white breath, pasta, white rice, cookies, and other processed foods with a high glycemic index, which can encourage the development of all manner of diseases, including cancer.
  8. Taking natural supplements and vitamins, including Vitamin D and plant pills for relieving stress and strengthening the body’s immune system.
  9. Eating low fat dairy products. Fat is known to promote inflammation and can aggravate cancer.
  10. Eating one or two squares of dark chocolate (>70%) every day. Dark chocolate has several health benefits but should not be mixed with milk or other dairy products, which can lessen its effect.
  11. Writing upright rather than sitting at a desk. Easily achieved by stacking up several dictionaries on your desk and placing your computer on top of them. Straightens the spine it does!

I’ll keep you posted about any new developments in my woeful life. Until then,

Got any healthy living tips for me?



51 thoughts on “11 Healthy Habits I Wholeheartedly Recommend (Plus Some Notes Concerning My Woeful Fate)

  1. I keep trying to leave a comment… it hasn’t worked. Maybe ds time will do d magic!
    I have followed your blog for a while… And was here when u started thinking you have cancer. I have hoped, and still keep hoping that it is not cancer. But if it is, early detection and early treatment is the way forward… you’re in my thots and prayers, all the way from Nigeria.
    Take care and we’re waiting for some good news!

  2. Wow, you have obviously done your homework, Vincentiu. Good for you! I think you’ve made some excellent changes & choices there, whether there is cancer or not. A few of those are exactly what I would have recommended, based on research I did for my brother’s cancer several years ago. The only thing I would add is to avoid or minimize alcoholic beverages, though I have no idea whether you drink them in the first place.

    And no, no one could blame you for being hesitant to have your fears confirmed by a doctor, at 22 or any other age. Just don’t wait TOO long. And maybe you will have happier news than you expect.

    I wish you the best of luck & the best of health my dear 🙂

    1. No worries Pam, I’ve never drank alcohol. I even gave up Listerine, which has alcohol.

      I’ve got plenty of tips from Anticancer, a thoroughly enjoyable book. I forgot to mention that I drink green tea daily and consume olive oil (with moderation).

  3. Be positive, hang unto hope. Went thru a similar thing 5yrs ago. Had painful, swollen cervical lymph nodes in the neck, focal chest pain, night fevers, mega tiredness and weight loss. Turned out to b adenitis, was on medication for a year along with immune boosting drugs and food.

    hang in, don’t give up. I came thru it.

  4. So many good changes =) Another thing that may be interesting for you to look into is the use of essential oils! They’re packed with power and health benefits, and are fun to learn about. Keep up your spirit!

      1. Basically, EO’s are the essences of the plants they come from, all of which have different healing properties. Quality oils you would use are typically extracted using a cold press or steam distillation. Some of my favorites are lavender and melaluca, along with peppermint. Just a drop or two is powerful enough to help with various ailments. There’s A LOT of things that these oils help with… I’ve learned a lot by reading on websites that distribute them (http://www.doterra.com/ for instance) and by joining various groups in which people of all different levels of knowledge can ask for advice in application of the oils. Aromatherapy, diffusion, and skin application are the most popular methods of usage.

        It’s a huge, huge world to plunge into, but they’ve significantly helped my skin problems, and were I to apply them for other reasons, I’m positive of the results they would yield. =)

        1. I have been led to believe that lavender is not a good choice for males, as it has an adverse effect on testosterone production and potency. Of course, it depends upon whether that is a priority for Vincentiu at present!

          1. Ingestion is actually not recommended because of the potency of the oils… it could potentially cause a lot of internal damage. They’re better applied to the skin or even inhaled.

  5. If crossed fingers are any good then mine are still crossed from when you first mentioned the possibility of cancer./ By the time you reach my age you’ve lost too many friends/relatives to cancer but also more and more are getting better from early detection. If it turns out to be cancer then I hope it”s in the early stages and we’ll be chatting 5 years from now.
    Take care.

    1. I’ve been having some symptoms for years, so… That said, it may turn out to be an indolent kind of lymphoma, which is not as aggressive as other cancers.

  6. I hope things will get better and so will you. I would suggest meditation and light yoga as well.

      1. I’m sure you can yoga with your hat on … you can use double-sided tape just for security 🙂

  7. No health tips to add, other than to say that social interaction is a great panacea. Go forth and converse – in person, I mean, not in your very intriguing blog. By the way, I have unstinting admiration of any man who genuinely likes broccoli! There should be a prize for that!

  8. On this new regime, you will be skipping and jumping down the moonlit street! (I, too, have recently devised a temporary standing desk arrangement for the sake of the spine. But what is the remedy for tired feet?).

    1. The remedy for tired feet is to sleep not horizontally, but triangularly, that is, with your legs reclining on the wall.

      Snowy kangaroos!

      (Kisses aunt on the cheek, hoping she will not be disgusted with new avatar.)

  9. Sage advice Vincentiu, although I find “everything in moderation” covers a lot of ground as it is. Eating far less meat and dairy produce, for instance, is a great idea for all of the reasons you listed above and more, but I would not castigate myself too harshly for enjoying a roast turkey at Christmas, or haggis on Burns’ Night. The best thing for one’s overall health is a positive demeanour, so do what makes you feel good. I wish you all the best with yours scans.


  10. Wow you’re going all for it! You’ve certainly done your research. Here’s to hoping it works out for you!

  11. Meditate, try yoga, trust in the universe with every ounce of your soul. And yes, never stop writing, share your wonderful outlook on life with us readers who are all pulling for a miraculous and full recovery.

    1. The thing is, Jim, I think an amputated leg would attract a lot of girl attention in this day and age and lead to compassion which could in turn lead to romantic favors. So we must ponder whether a full recovery is really necessary.

  12. Your writings are inspirational and amazing. May I ask what type of lymphoma you’ve been diagnosed with, Hodgkin’s lymphoma or the non-honking’s lymphoma?

  13. Vincentiu, you gave us all a bad scare!

    You will be fine and the lifestyle changes are great. You may need to add some quiet contemplation too to your list.

    On a serious note, have trust- everything has a purpose.

    Keep writing.

  14. I’d offer you some health tips if I could, but my eating and exercise habits aren’t healthy in the slightest!
    I guess… just try not to worry or stress too much about health living because stressing too much over it could ironically bring your downfall. Just try to relax and enjoy yourself as much as you can!

    I wish you the best of luck with everything!

  15. What suits one person doesn’t suit another, but I’m glad you’re on a fitness campaign.

    Some things that help my health are regular Qi Gong exercises; taking krill oil supplements (sustainably sourced of course) and probiotics, and extra vitamin D in the winter; not eating any cow’s milk products, but having dairy products from sheep’s or goat’s milk; avoiding soya; cook only freshly prepared foods, eating as much organic and home-grown as possible; only using organic skin creams and shampoo, and non-fluoridated toothpaste; using non-toxic cleaning products on my home; singing; walking my dog (hopefully, in the sunshine); and finding something to make me laugh at least once a day!

      1. Dentists would say it’s good, but then they would. There’s loads about the health issues associated with it, if you do an internet search about it, but I specifically stopped brushing my teeth with the stuff because there’s a link between its use and an under active thyroid, which I was suffering from (and you don’t necessarily have to put on weight as a side-effect of hypothyroidism, if your pituitary gland keeps fighting to regulate things). When I stopped using fluoride, my thyroid started working fine. There’s quite enough fluoride in tea, if you drink it.

        Oh, and by the way, I haven’t had to have a single filling in my teeth since stopping using fluoride toothpaste about 15 years ago.

        Here’s a link to an article about it.


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