Save the Polar Bear!

Polar Bear

The polar bear lives so far

From plastic bags, oil spills, and trash dumps

That you’d think he’s safe and sound,

Eating fish, taking icy baths,

Lying on his back with his paws up,

Enjoying the sun.

But alas, he is under threat:

Global warming, melting ice,

And the chemicals we throw away

Linger in the water,

And end up in the fish he eats

And then are stored in his fat.

Thus the polar bear grows sick and dies.


Help save the polar bear!

Rent a ship and bring him ice and healthy food.

Or if that is beyond your means,

Walk instead of driving your car,

(Or at least take the bus)

Use no more water than you need,

Don’t waste food,

Minimize consumption,


And reuse.

18 thoughts on “Save the Polar Bear!

  1. I like you even more so now that you have promoted saving polar bears! You are a wonderful person 🙂

  2. Loved the poem and the message. 🙂

    Don’t you think,we all have been talking about global warming and its effects for quite some time now without really doing much about it ? Has it become one of those topics where everyone is supposed to ‘ look serious and worried’ and do NOTHING ?

    We, in India are facing its consequence with poor monsoon this time

    I got a bit emotional here..hope you don’t mind 🙂

  3. great poem..with a message that lingers and keeps one thinking 🙂 loved it..i am sure the polar bears would love it more, had they been able to read it 😀

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