Walking Meditation: Have You Ever Tried It?

What do you think about when you walk? Your plans? Your problems? Things that happened earlier that day? Something you look forward to doing? I have walked "in my head" most of my life, but a few years ago I discovered a better way to walk. When we think about "meditation", most of us think … Continue reading Walking Meditation: Have You Ever Tried It?

Picking Cherries

picking cherries in a red bucket

It's that time of the year when the old cherry tree behind my house, older than the house, older than myself, awakes from its winter sleep and smiles a thousand cherry smiles. In autumn and winter, the cherry trees here look desolate. They forget their leaves and their branches look sad and forlorn. But come … Continue reading Picking Cherries

Midnight Park

Velvet quiet, wise lamps, lakes like oil spills, statues that wink behind you, and the soft flutter of sleepless birds... What's there not to like about a midnight park? And then you have the occasional oddball… Such as the Frenchwoman who was talking to herself and gesticulating fiercely on lone alleys, and then turned away … Continue reading Midnight Park