A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #21 (Republished)

The physician told her to return tomorrow.

‘An affliction of the heart,’ was all he said.

She returned fearing the worst. She entered the little cabinet and saw on the desk a fine dinner and red wine and two lit candles. The doctor, neatly dressed, held a bouquet of roses.

(First published last year.)

38 thoughts on “A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #21 (Republished)

  1. Not too surprising, my “thecontradictoryoptimist,” coming from the writer of a recent 50 word story of the relationship between a nephew and his aunt – although, like yourself, I would think twice before going. A heart doctor with an side interest in gastro?

    1. I don’t think there’s much queerness in this story, Randy.

      As to that other story, well… Vargas Llosa married his aunt Julia when he was only 19.

  2. With all due respect for the great Nobel peace prize winner
    And with respect for you, as I admire your writing so much,
    I submit, only to provide some diversion and levity,
    That although Llosa said that:
    Mexico is the perfect dictatorship
    Mario Vargas Llosa is the perfect incest-orship

    1. You can say about him whatever you like, I don’t mind. I’m not his fan.

      Just said that about his aunt as a curiosity.

      I tip my hat to you Randy. I like your comments.

  3. There is a similar story told as Sufi lore. The doctor asks the writer to recite his/her latest poem, after which the writer is healed. The doctor tells the writer the sickness was from not releasing his/her poem. It was said much more eloquently than this!

  4. That really wasn’t very nice of the physician. But oh how romantic…

    Now you have my head in the clouds, dear hatted boy.

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