50-Word Tales #105

Woman mirror oil painting

On her wedding day, she awoke with a great pimple on the tip of her nose. She stared in the mirror dismayed.
‘Such misfortune!’ she whimpered.
She tried to hide it but without success. At length she hung her head and wept.
‘Mom!’ she shouted. ‘We must postpone the wedding!’


14 thoughts on “50-Word Tales #105

      1. haha well if the man I marry cares about a pimple on my face, then perhaps I shouldn’t marry him 😛 but I suppose you are right. I shouldn’t make any assumptions until I fully understand the circumstances.

      1. She’s not quite sure. Edit the photos later, perhaps. No one will remember; also, I agree with Stephanie: if he really is Mr. Right, the groom shouldn’t care… But as for asking guests to change their plans to accommodate her vanity, why… Just don’t expect them to agree to come a second time!

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