50-Word Tales #102

Woman at Window

She spoke of divorce.
Her husband locked the door, seized the key, and crossed his arms.
‘Wife, you won’t leave through that door while I’m alive.’
She shook her head. Then she walked to the window, opened it, and jumped out.
They were living on the third floor.


18 thoughts on “50-Word Tales #102

  1. Sad but it made me want to read more..You leave the story at a juncture where without many words, meaning is so crystal clear. And your mind can’t stop running with so many possibilities of before & after this..I wish to have your writing magic with me,lol 😀

  2. Too sad! And the husband, such an asshole…I think he should jump out of the window, not her 😉 Nice to read you.
    Ciao, Mitzi

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