50-Word Tales #100

Woman in bed

The husband returned home from work early and found his wife lying in bed.
‘What’s the matter dear?’ he asked.
It seemed to him that she looked slightly unwell.
‘Just tired after housework,’ she said, smiling.
The husband shrugged and began unbuttoning his shirt.
Someone sneezed in the wardrobe.

18 thoughts on “50-Word Tales #100

  1. How many guys would pretend they didn’t hear the sneeze?
    On another note, I like the colour scheme on the picture/illustration. Did you draw it yourself?

      1. Not all of them, surely? ๐Ÿ˜›
        I don’t believe in sweeping generalisations… although I do fall prey to them all the time.

  2. Maybe it was the wardrobe itself that sneezed… Interesting twist. I haven’t commented in a while; how are you Vincent?

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