Blissful, Lonely, Noisy Silence


I am fond of silence and silence is fond of me.

On snowy winter mornings when I write silence clears my worried mind and soothes my restless heart and calms my disposition. Silence is then stilly bliss.

On torrid afternoons in summer when I espy through the window shirtless men and girls in shorts bantering, the silence in the room roars and makes clamorous noise, as if incensed by the heat, and I close the window and draw the curtains and sigh.

On quiet weekend nights when I lie in bed unable to fall asleep silence makes the loneliness in the room echo. I roll about on the mattress until I discover that one side of the double bed is much colder than the other. I hug my pillow and weep.

Oh silence, inconstant companion!

Soothing in the morning, noisy in the afternoon, troubling in the dark…

What am I to do with you?

PS: Once Oliver Colors’ biography is well written, this hatted boy shall gladly exchange silence for an inky-haired woman. But until then…

29 thoughts on “Blissful, Lonely, Noisy Silence

  1. Oh, silence! Sometimes, there’s nothing better than resting in silence. But, of course, silence can be disturbing because the voices of our thoughts resonate much louder in the silence, and it makes the silence becomes disturbing… Anyway, I like it and the solitude of the silence too, sometimes!

  2. Just found your blog yesterday and I must say I like it.
    Now, from a Romanian to another, good idea to target English readers! And despite our nationality, every stop by your blog to say “Hi!” but this one, will be completely in English.
    Succes pe mai departe cu scrisul! Pe curand!

  3. Silence helps me survive. It keeps the harmony.

    I think silence is closer to me than are words…

    Cherish the silence you have now. Once the inky girl arrives to your life for good, you’ll have days when you’ll long for the silence that now sometimes seems unbearable…

    Walking away silently,

              1. Mmm, yeah…:/ Not so good… It looks very similar to the one before yet something’s just not right with it which made me feel you have changed something but then again, I wasn’t 100% sure… Now that you ask me about the NEW theme, I can be sure… And yes, something just doesn’t seem right here.

  4. You perfectly articulate the tension that comes from needing silence, embracing it, becoming weary of it, hating it…. well done.

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