50-Word Tales #93

Thoughtful Woman

He was dying, and he had no family. He told that to the girl. She was young, unmarried, and by profession, a cashier.
‘I’ll give you all my wealth if you agree to marry me and bear my child,’ he said.
She looked at her toes. They were dainty.

17 thoughts on “50-Word Tales #93

  1. I have no idea why I laughed when she looked at her toes, but that’s beside the point. Once again, you managed to start my day with a smile (despite the fact that I have the ugliest toes to ever have the nerve to attach themselves to the end of a foot . . . hmmm . . . maybe THAT’s why it was funny).

  2. Vincent I commented in the past about your great skill of writing, and selection of good looking women, but I never said a good word on your great taste in selecting great paintings which I fall in love with!

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