The Love Affair of the Pen and Paper (Or the Daunting Blank Page)

Pen and Paper

When I am away from my desk I cannot wait to return to it and handwrite something. But when I am at my desk with a blank sheet of paper before me I stare at her as at a naked girl, and my pen freezes, and I am afraid to touch her, for fear that I will despoil her.

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50-Word Tales #98


The landlord told her he would evict her if she did not pay the rent today. She had no money.

Through the town she wandered, weeping, and rolling her long fiery locks around her finger. On a wig shop window she read: ‘We buy red hair. Excellent price.’
‘Should I?’

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50-Word Tales #97


While the lovers were out celebrating Valentine’s Day lightning struck their house, which caught fire.

When they returned home they found it burnt to the ground. They wept, more for the cat than for their property. But then they kissed.
‘So long as love each other all is well!’

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