50-Word Tales #92

Woman in a dress

After she spurned him, the heartbroken young man went abroad and there he became a wealthy merchant.
Years later he returned to his country. Finding his parents not at home, he visited a whorehouse, and there he discovered her, wrinkled, sad, and beautiful.
‘Will you marry me woman?’
She fainted.


14 thoughts on “50-Word Tales #92

  1. Ah, the trouble with flash fiction. So lacking in detail and loaded with questions. Why did he go to the whorehouse upon finding his parents not home? Why would he care about a woman who rejected him, and who was sad, wrinkled and beautiful? Why would she care enough to faint?

    Wait. That’s the beauty of flash fiction!

  2. I have this picture in my living room. Ive find it in a flea market, in my eyes i See so many emotions and a big Story behind… So i have buy it directly 🙂
    Nice Story, he never forget her… And now she have a new way to go, someone who want her personality, Not her body….she was in another world of loneliness…

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