The Quiet Joy of Snow

Monday I awoke to a light snowfall. I sat up in bed and watched it now on an old pair of fir trees that take up much of the window.

On Tuesday it kept on snowing.

The first snowfall of the year always brings with it a warm and happy feeling.

When it does happen, that is.

Snow’s no longer something we can take for granted here.

When I was small, it used to snow a lot.

In recent years not so much.

We’ve been getting used to snowless Christmases that come and go without any snowflakes.

Blame it on global warming?

But when it does snow, it’s all the more special.

Do you get snow where you live?

5 thoughts on “The Quiet Joy of Snow

  1. It is snowing here. Light snow, and the wind is whipping it around. It’s been fairly dry so far, but I expect the opportunity for measurable snow to increase as we get further into winter. Normally, we get around 40-50 inches of snow during the season.

      1. What’s interesting is that we had much more snow when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. I have pictures of my brother and I standing next to mountains of snow. We would dig snow caves and make sledding hills in our backyard.

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