A Walk In Winter

Put on your winter boots, pull on your mittens, and let’s stroll around the lake. Hear the snow laugh under your feet…

Statuia Moura Iarna - Woman with Pitcher Statue in Winter

She’s stuck in this pose… You’re better off than her, you know. You can go wherever you want. Isn’t that amazing?

Vas cu nimic - Big pot with what in it?

Is it full of snow? Or maybe mulled wine? Or is it in there where our feelings hide? Look into it and tell me…

Casa muzeul satului iarna - House Museum of Peasant Life in Winter

This housy doesn’t have a chimney. It’s just like you when you are calm.

Pasari pe lac, albe si negre - Birds on a lake, white and black

Birds like thoughts… Some white, some black. They fluttered from afar so you can see them.

Casa Presei Libere Iarna peste lac - House of Free Press in Winter over lake

You know what they are doing in there? Writing capitalist propaganda and probably envying our stroll.

Barci iarna herastrau - Boats in winter frozen lake

Let’s steal this boat. You jump in first and I will follow suit. We can then pretend we float.

Lacul Herastrau Topindu-se - Frozen Lake with Trees

The comma of the lake slows us down a little. Pause, and catch your breath…

Lacul Hetrastrau Inghetat - Gray water white snow

Differences of opinion, that is all. I’m a bit grey, and so are you.

Statuie cu ulcior - Pitcher statue supporting monument

She has a head full of thoughts, just like you.

Om mic de zapada - little snowman

Now let us make a little snowman before we return home. The sun is merciful with us today.

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