You Are (Isn’t That Great?)


Next time someone asks you How are you?
Answer them I Am.
They may not understand.
They may ask you again — How are you?
You just answer them I Am.
Between well and unwell, happy and sad
Life simply is,
You simply are.
You were once a speck of the sun.
You were forged in the stars,
Doused in the ocean,
Carried from water to land,
You grew from cell to cell,
You were released in your body,
Trapped in it, too.
You do what you can,
You sometimes wonder who you are
You know you are not who you think you are
Who they think you are is not you
The me that is you is only a story
We tell each other to pass the time.
Remember when we crawled together through the ocean in search of a better form?
Or when we made it to land and struggled so hard to grow legs?
Or when we played in the trees all life long?
Well, a long time has passed, here we are today.
You can say we are divided, you can say now we are two.
What else can we say, what’s left to say?
If the road didn’t run out, the road couldn’t have begun.
If the sun didn’t set, the sun wouldn’t rise.
You are not you,
I am not me,
But we are,
Still here, after all this time.