10 Things Introverts Shouldn’t Do

Man on building meditating

If you’re an introvert, there are some things you just shouldn’t do, things that can sabotage your well-being.


Introverts shouldn’t think that they have to act like extroverts to succeed in life. It’s perhaps the greatest mistake introverts make. They forget that many of the people who changed the world for the better, from Sir Isaac Newton to Eleanor Roosevelt, were introverted.



Introverts shouldn’t try to match their personality to their career; instead, they should match their career to their personality. Introverts who behave like extroverts for their job’s sake usually end up feeling unhappy. Something seems to be missing from their lives and no amount of money in the bank can fix that.



Introverts shouldn’t think that everyone can tell that they are introverts just by looking at them. Glasses just don’t make one an introvert. Other people need at least a minute or two before deciding if you’re an introvert or not, often a lot more. If you don’t speak that much, they may only think you’re serious, which can be an advantage for your career.



Introverts shouldn’t forget that there are many introverts in the world with who they could get along great. Being your own best friend is wonderful, but ultimately, we are social animals. If we deliberately avoid others, we are missing the chance to become the best versions of ourselves we can be. The best of life is concentrated in our relationships with others.



Introverts shouldn’t wish they were not introverts. Introversion isn’t a problem. It’s just a different take on life. If you feel there’s something wrong with being an introvert, you’re not in the right environment. Try to change it.



Introverts shouldn’t assume that doing extroverted things won’t bring them any enjoyment. Doing the opposite of what you usually like to do can create some of the most memorable experiences in your life.



Introverts shouldn’t avoid talking with others about their problems. When asked “How are you?” they shouldn’t say “I’m fine” if they’re not. Any introvert has to find an outlet for discussing his or her problems. If this outlet isn’t a friend or family member, it can be a page or a blog.



Introverts shouldn’t refrain from speaking their mind. Silence is a virtue, until it gives others the opportunity to make decisions that affect you. It’s okay to be an introvert and quiet. But it’s not okay to be passive. Not all the time, at least.



Introverts shouldn’t think that other people just don’t understand them. Extroverts may not always be good listeners, but they are some of the most emphatic people around.



Introverts shouldn’t feel that something is inherently flawed about them and that other people have it easier. Introversion is more like a bow than a sword. You have to shoot at things from a distance.