The City In the Lake

Casa Presei Libere
Casa Presei Libere Reflected In Lake Herastrau

Sometimes, as I stroll round a lake in a park or down a rainy street, I see things reflected upside down in the water, and I cannot help but wonder… What if there’s another world on the other side of the water, a world I can only catch glimpses of, a world inhabited by my upside down twin? Is that where things that never happen to me happen to my twin? Where objects I lose end up? Where every time I lose something here I win it there, and vice versa?

Should you ever visit Romania, take a good look at Casa Presei Libere, which you’ll meet on the main road from the airport into the city… Whether it’s the building in our world, or the upside down version reflected in Lake Herastrau, it’s quite a sight.


PS: If you have nothing better to do, why don’t you check my flickr page?



4 thoughts on “The City In the Lake

  1. Beautiful thoughts you’ve shared with us here, I love the term ‘upside down twin’ 🙂 It’s a great idea for a novel! I’ve never thought of the water reflection like that, but I used to console myself with the thought that there are parallel universes where all the ‘what ifs’ that weren’t meant to happen in this world have the possibility to evolve..

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