15 Damn Good Reasons You Should Blog In 2016


Here we are, you and me, dear reader of my blog, at the beginning of a new year, and we have lots of things to do this year, don’t we? I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now, publishing over 400 posts on this blog and, though blogging, like any other activity we invest time and energy into, can be fatiguing, I know that I will continue blogging in 2016 with as much joy and enthusiasm as I have done until now.

I’m not sure what you want to do this year, whether you plan to travel, finish that book you’ve been working on for years, learn tap dancing, fall in love, or learn to fly a helicopter, but if you’re reading this, I would like to encourage you to make room for blogging in your life as well, and here’s why…

  1. Blogging regularly can help you improve as a writer; you know your posts will be read by others, and that alone compels you to slow down and pay careful attention to your spelling, grammar, and diction.

  2. Who you are, what you believe in, or where you live doesn’t really matter that much in the world of blogging, where there aren’t nearly as many prejudices as out there in the “real world”. In the blogosphere we all start from scratch with a gender-neutral, race-neutral, religion-neutral theme and you won’t be judged for things that don’t even depend on you, such as your skin color. It’s your thoughts and your writings and the posts you create that matter here. You may even be an old man profusely bearded and suffering from an incurable case of halitosis, that just won’t prevent well-educated, open-minded women from following your blog and liking your posts!

  3. Blogging is a great way to meet interesting people from all over the world and even make new friends. Thanks to blogging, I have befriended people in North America, Australia, and Asia, people I would have never met otherwise.

  4. Perhaps you have a passion that real life practicalities prevent you from pursuing full time? Blogging is a great way to share this passion with the world, and by doing so, to nurture it, whether it’s writing, reading, poetry, photography, traveling, cooking, fashion, fitness, painting, video-games, visual arts, potato chip inspection or anything else. Don’t let your day job override your passion. Blog about it!

  5. Blogging is an excellent way to practice your English if you’re not a native English speaker (if you blog in English, that is). Blogging has helped me improve my English a good deal.

  6. Creating posts based on your experiences or as a way of expressing your thoughts and convictions is not only more useful to the world than loitering around on social media, lost in streams of images and media content, but it’s better for your brain and, when necessary, can be cathartic.

  7. Blogging is a great way to keep a visual journal and share it with the world. Knowing that someone will read your entries can be a powerful motivating force for you to continue writing. And since your files are stored online, you can’t ever misplace or lose them.

  8. Do you have a book or useful product you want to spread the word about? You are far more likely to grab attention by blogging about it than by advertising it. I’m sure many people feel the same way as me on this matter. We are all sick of ads and marketing ploys, and blogging can put emphasis on the personal aspect of your work, as well as on your story.

  9. Blogging can be a powerful social tool. You’ve probably heard of bloggers being sent to prison or blacklisted by their governments… Don’t shiver with fright because that’s just great! It means bloggers can have a social impact, that they can draw attention to social problems and try to change attitudes.

  10. Blog comments help start wonderful discussions and can offer you fresh new perspectives on tricky matters, positively altering the way you see things and even offering solutions to problems you are facing. I’ve received thousands of comments since I started blogging, and many of them have had such depth, insight, and quality that I feel they have significantly improved my blog. All of you who take the time to write me wonderful comments, I tip my hat to you!

  11. Blogging about news and discussing them with other bloggers is preferable to watching these news on television or hearing them on radio and having them discussed for you by other people.

  12. You don’t really have to waste any time setting up your blog or designing it. Through WordPress.com, the folks at Automattic make it easy for anyone to blog. They are not paying me to say this! I’m saying it because it’s so damn true to set up a blog here and customize it.

  13. You can now blog on mobile devices just as easily as on your computer, which means you can take your blog with you wherever you go.

  14. Blogging is inherently personal. Nobody in the blogosphere will promise you objectivity, which means you don’t ever have to worry whether what you are reading is biased or not.

  15. Blogging is generally seen as a cool and hip activity that makes you more interesting. Just imagine you’re out on a date with someone you really like and you’re having a hard time finding a good subject for conversation… Just tell her or him you’re a blogger and he or she will naturally ask what you blog about and the conversation will simply flow from there. Before long, you’ll be blogging together about baby clothes.

So, will you blog in 2016? If so, what about? Tell us so we can follow you!

50 thoughts on “15 Damn Good Reasons You Should Blog In 2016

    1. “Blogging is inherently personal, you don’t have to worry whether what you are reading is biased or not”…This summed it all for me Vincent. I just started blogging last month and your post just gave me the energy I needed. Awesome!!

  1. Totally agree with the statement that blogging can be cathartic. I loved it so much last year that this year I’m going to attempt to write a post everyday. Blogging forever!

  2. You covered almost everything!
    Anyone who plans to seek traditional publishing for a non-fiction book needs an author’s platform accomplished by building a social media following. A blog is a big part of that. It’s the reason I started blogging. Then I fell in love with it. Ironically, I plan to publish my novels before my non-fiction. Life has its funny way…

    I will continue to blog about my Wild life or my life, Wildly! One in the same! Ha!

      1. My mind was blown at a conference a year ago when the agents said they could care less if you have a writer’s platform when submitting fiction. What??? I don’t think I could ever give up the community or friends like you, Vincent!

  3. I really liked the final “blogging together about baby clothes” point. It made me laugh.

    I never would have guessed you’re not a native English speaker.

    I’m planning to blog about travel adventures and creative challenges in 2016.

  4. Fantastic read, and you have some very convincing, concise points there. If anybody reading this doesn’t blog, then I am sure this will convince them. It convinced me, and I do blog! This I’m planning to expand my blogging potential and start blogging about matters of social concern a little more.

  5. Happy New Year, Boy!
    Hope yours was a good one, I hope this finds you in good health, and that this is a healthy and trouble-free year to come for you, filled with love, wonderful discoveries, fulfillment, and that which you wish for yourself.

    Your friend and faithful follower, Randy

    1. I am on Twitter myself, though not much. To me, the formats are so different that I wouldn’t even compare them. I think they can coexist happily in any blogger’s life. 🙂 What do you think, Todd?

      1. I ask because I have been having this horrid case of indecisiveness between the two. I’m the type of person (however different) who cannot split my thoughts into different formats. I’ve been on the fence on whether to continue blogging or continue with twitter.

          1. Very true. I’ve been dabbling with writing blog posts and actually screenshotting the post and uploading it as a picture on Twitter.

  6. Or perhaps just because its a way of life? Here’s to an excellent 2016 – prolific, insightful, thought provoking,human and full of lyrically strung sentences.

  7. I told my husband to start a blog this year because he does a lot of DIY and hobbies related to electronics and engineering. I would say it’s awesome resume booster too!

  8. Ever since last month, I realize that blogging is a good thing. I can express my opinions, feelings, emotions, etc. I can make money. I can reach and gain many followers. Those are things I really cannot do with my other online business or even my current job (except making money).

    I do agree. Blogging is personal. But, your job or business is professional. You have to smile and be positive and open whether you like it or not.

    You should do a sequel blog post for 2018 or so.

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