Winter Lake And Environs

(Tap on any image to enlarge!)

These photographs were taken Sunday in Herastrau, which seems so big, so lonely without you…

Do you like them? Which is your favorite?

23 thoughts on “Winter Lake And Environs

  1. I can see why people like the first and the last (I like them too) – personally I like the one with the boats in a line, but I would select number 0265 as being the best example of having a good photographer’s eye. Many people with a camera would have been tempted to take the first pic of the boathouse, for example, but not many would have seen the photographic potential of the objects in 0265.
    I also went to Herastrau in the height of summer and it is amazing to see it so deserted in contrast. I don’t know how northerners put up with these winter conditions! Cheers

  2. Hello Vincent!
    Lovely post. My favorites are definitely the last three photos.
    I was wondering today that it has been so long since I received a new post update from your blog, and when I came here looking, I realized I had accidentally deleted my subscription. Anyway, glad to be back here. =)
    How have you been, good sir?

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