Lovers By The Lake

Lovers by the river black and white
Furtively taken Sunday in Cismigiu Park, Bucharest. Had half a mind to push him from behind flat upon the frozen lake and then photograph her shocked expression. But then I just walked away. Good manners or cowardice?


18 thoughts on “Lovers By The Lake

  1. It already looks as though a pet dog or something fell in. One that they liked but wouldn’t necessarily save if it had fallen through the ice.

  2. Nice photo. The shocked girl photo would have been great, terrible but great. Id say good manners

  3. Good sense I’d say. He’d probably have come after you and his mood would not have been good. You didn’t want to be the afternoon entertainment for his girlfriend. Good picture.

  4. What purpose would it have served? You know how you feel and that’s all that matters. Acting on your feelings will only cause severe negative reactions. You did well not to act. Randy

      1. Great photos, like life, are taken because of observation, discipline, and knowledge (and some plain old good luck) – not by tampering with or interfering with life, and thrusting yourself in the middle of what is not your business.

        Take pictures of everyone’s business, but mind you own. That is, unless, you have destructive wish to harm yourself and others. But for that do not take pictures. Take the advise of others and seek help. Randy.

  5. Are they lovers, though? They don’t look like lovers. If they are not lovers, then cowardice, I say, because she could easily have been yours with a good push. Then again, perhaps it would take more bravery to push if they were in fact lovers, and therefore might appear more cowardly that you chose not too. Clearly this is a complicated question.

  6. Hi, I thought it was Cismigiu, I stayed near there when I was in Buc and walked through that park every day and maybe even had coffee or mici at that restaurant/cafe there. Yes, I think you should have pushed him in. Be dramatic!

      1. Hi, what brought me around there? My curiosity about your country was aroused. I didn’t realise that Romanian was a Romance language until I bought a Lonely Planet 15-language European phrase book. I am interested in languages. A trip to Brazil that I was planning to do with friends fell through, so I decided to do a summer language course in Romanian instead, in Sibiu. I was also fascinated by the Romanian revolution – I remember watching events on TV when I was working in the news room of a newspaper, and thinking ‘these people (the street protesters) have a lot of courage’. I think your language is very musical and your music industry is very good. Cheers

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