Season of Bright Lights and Fancy Gifts

Yet another snowless Christmas here in Romania, but at least we had fancy lights. The mayor spared no expenses when it came to lighting up our little town’s park.

I don’t know how enjoyable your holidays have been, but I spent mine at home, sorting my growing photo collection and reading and writing. I ate well and treated myself to The Grand Budapest Hotel, one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen.

Although I tried to resist the spirit of consumerism that hovers in the air about this time of the year, I succumbed to its influence, purchasing little presents for my small family, including a ridiculously expensive fruit cake of which I had but one meager slice.

I wrote to the blue-eyed nurse an email – a few words from her would have been a good Christmas present – but she has not replied. Nor did a special letter, which was promised me from a distant continents, arrived, but it ain’t no matter, I’m still waiting for it.

In other words, except for some IKEA cutting boards mother left under our fake plastic Christmas tree for me (she’s great at picking gifts she is, though I must admit that these cutting boards are colorful and a treat to use), I did not receive any other presents, but then I didn’t except or deserve any. After all, I have given myself the perfect Christmas gift – my camera, without which you people would not have seen these fancy lights.

What did you get for Christmas?



20 thoughts on “Season of Bright Lights and Fancy Gifts

  1. Beautiful photographs. I’ve always enjoyed decorations that stand alone so they can be soaked up in their entirety with only a black night surrounding it.

  2. I’m a blue eyed retired nurse, will that do? Merry Christmas to you and yours. We didn’t have any snow here in our part of Canada either. it was quite warm too, for us. Great that you got a camera for Christmas. You are very creative and will do lots of good things with it.

  3. Well done with the photographs. You now put many professionals to shame.
    What did I get for Christmas, Gout for one thing so I’ve been protecting my foot for days. I had many nice gifts as I have nephews and nieces, brothers, daughter and friends. I was spoiled silly.So far I still can’t get the new desert boots my daughter bought me on as the swelling hasn’t gone down but they’re the bees knees.
    I hope the promised letter arrives. Have a nice week and a Brilliant start to 2015 followed by a successful New Year.

  4. I’m late commenting on this, but wow, those are some really beautiful light pictures! The one of the reindeer & sledge is something I’ve never seen before, that’s really amazing 🙂

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