Herastrau Park


Sunday I forsook the warm comfort of my attic and, dragging my weary body after me, ventured into Bucharest’s biggest park, Herastrau, which unfolds around the lake with the same name. It was a cold, clouded day, so there were scarcely any people around. Anyway, I’m far too shy and awkward to photograph people.

Do you like them? Which is your favorite?

(PS: These photos were taken before I had the chance to put to good use the tips you’ve given me in my last post.)

16 thoughts on “Herastrau Park

  1. They are beautiful, thank you for share them. I think my favorite is number 9. It seems like there is a long road to walk but in the other hand, it could be all the road you already have walked to be where you are now.

  2. I liked number nine, but the last one is hauntingly beautiful so my vote goes for that one. Great pictures, it was hard to chose my favorite.

  3. If only there’d be a lady with a hand propped under her chin, gazing longingly at the the rose. That would have been quite something. Nevertheless, number 41 is still best.

  4. So the boy with a hat who has penchant for words and unrequited love has a vast penchant for the visual, too.
    Wonderful subject selections from the wood fence to the door to the stone windows, tables, vertical structures, and on.You have as nice an eye as you do with words.


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