Boy With A Camera

After the romantic misadventure with the blue-eyed nurse, I decided that spending another week alone at home would certainly bring me on the verge of madness. So I took a deep breath and smashed the piggybank upon the floor, and then collected my savings and purchased what I should have purchased a long time ago: a DSRL camera (to be more exact, a Nikon D3300). Now I have a good excuse to go out almost every day to photograph the world around me.

I know little to nothing about photography. Some of you are talented and experienced photographers – don’t blush, I know it’s true. Could you give me some tips please?

Here are my first tentative photos, taken in the neighbourhood…



22 thoughts on “Boy With A Camera

  1. They’re all gorgeous!! I specially loved the “yellow leaf resembling an upside down heart”.
    Just a small tip: Try to capture “stories” or those scenes which speak worlds.
    Good luck!

  2. The boy with a hat and a camera now. What next? For an amateur your compositions are really rather nice. You could have a very nice photo blog if you keep doing his.
    Keep well.

  3. I agree with the readers, you have a very good eye for what is pleasing and artistic. I enjoyed them–give us more, more, more! 🙂

  4. Hi Vincent, your first attempts with the DSLR camera are laudable! And welcome to the world of photography! Like you open up a world for us with your words, do try to find a style in your photography. I don’t know if I’m the only one noticing it, but I’m seeing a single-subject being the key for many of your photographs – the sole leaf, the upturned chair , the lone cat etc. Try to develop on it or try the various permutations of subject and background and find something that fits you!
    And in the meanwhile, if I may, might I give you some people who defined the art of photography for me – for starters chew on Elliott Erwitt and Steve McCurry.
    Wish you good luck in photography and a favourable diagnosis in life!

  5. Hi, I think you made a promising start. I got a real sense of your neighbourhood. I liked your blue/yellow bridge best and found some of the others to be atmospheric. Don’t always think that the main object of interest has to be in the centre of the photograph. For example, the red chair pic … how would it have looked if the chair was top right, or top left, or bottom right or left? But a lot of it is all about having a good eye for the unusual. I hope you get out a bit more! Cheers

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