Laughter In An Envelope

Girl holding envelope

Maybe you can laugh into an envelope,

And then seal it and mail it to me?

When I will open it your laughter will fill my room

And make me less sad.

I wonder how your laughter sounds like…

20 thoughts on “Laughter In An Envelope

  1. I wonder that, too, sweet hatted boy. Would you laugh for me? To hear you laugh would make me less sad, too. We could be balms for one another.

    *sad smile*

  2. I placed a ha inside your envelope
    and it flew out
    I grabbed another laugh
    and sternly lectured it to stay inside
    and it laughed at me
    which made me laugh
    so I grabbed a few of those laughs and put them inside, too
    but they stuck their tongues out at me,
    so I cut off their tongues
    but then their faces were filled with spite
    and no longer joyful
    so I cried into the envelope
    and the envelope told me not to cry
    that all would be well
    and placed one ha inside itself
    to send to you and then sealed
    with a kiss.

    Randy Mazie

  3. Seal your laughter, dear friend,
    Your sweet, sweet laughter
    In a frosted envelope:
    Send it to me after.
    When it reaches me,
    Maybe your laughter will soothe
    My empty, tired soul
    And make my heart less crude.
    But what if, when your laughter fills
    My room with melody–
    I feel that you are not laughing
    For me, but at me?

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