The Underwater Paintings of Samantha French

Dear friends, I stare at these paintings with awe. The boy with a hat doesn’t know how to swim.

Which is your favorite?


(Click on any image to magnify.)

Find out more about Samantha French and her paintings on her website.

11 thoughts on “The Underwater Paintings of Samantha French

  1. That’s amazing! It seems so real. 2° and 7° are my favorites.

    “The boy with a hat doesn’t know how to swim.”
    Me neither. Actually, I have a certain panic about deep water.

  2. wow they look real. And as you don’t know how to swim, I just don’t have a talent for painting. Fave would be the 4th. I hope this comes with a projective interpretation 😉

  3. Reblogged this on dfunpen and commented:
    I know there are incredible people out there, doing incredible things. Can you believe these are paintings not pictures?
    Whatever talent you have, horn it and become incredibly amazing at it.

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