How Do You Feel When You Are In Love?

Dancing in the Rain by Leonid Afremov

I feel like a boy moth flapping his wings around a lady butterfly.

I feel like a beggar who wins the lottery, like a tennis player who, having a match point, serves an ace, like a thirsty adventurer who discovers a oasis in the desert.

Like a little boy whose broken toy is glued together.

Like a tree cut down to become immortal, by being turned into a book.

Like an apple core thrown carelessly into a ditch, and that in time, grows into an apple tree.

Like a pair of joyful ducklings quacking on their way to a blue river.

Like a heart-shaped cloud.

Like waltzing butterflies in the moonlight.

Like a mean mosquito about to bite a sleeping girl’s shoulder.

I feel like blue eyes, like delicate ears, like straight noses, like peachy lips, like ivory teeth, like slender necks, like smooth wrists, like exceedingly round breasts, like funny bellybuttons, like indecently placed beauty spots…

Like a sharp needle that pricks a beautiful woman’s thumb.

Like hot sand on which bare feet walk.

Like a glorious ray of sunshine bathing a gorgeous girl’s bum at the beach.

Like red slippers in sprightly dancing feet.

Like ice-cream melting in a pretty mouth.

Like the dark sky when the stars turn on their lights.

Like red lipstick smeared on kiss-provoking lips.

Like the bedsheets a woman’s hand crumples at night, while enduring the sweet torments of love.

Like long inky locks of hair sprawled on a fluffy white pillow.

Like rumpled bedsheets that lovers leave behind them in the morning.

Like a wedding dress that a mother once wore, and that now her daughter wears.

Like a wedding ring that once put on, is never taken off.

Like a pregnant wife who’s told she will have triplets.

I feel like deaf Beethoven when he conducted the 9th Symphony on 7 May 1824.

And like Newton when he saw the apple fall.

And like Hemingway when he cut away adverbs and adjectives.

And like Oliver Colors when he paints, his tongue poking from the corner of his mouth.

Like a firework exploding in the sky, coloring the night.

Like a well-shaken champagne bottle about to burst.

I feel like a glass filled to the brim, that’s overflowing…


(This post complements How Do You Feel When You Are Heartbroken?)

55 thoughts on “How Do You Feel When You Are In Love?

  1. Like everything makes sense, like everything is worth it 🙂
    ‘turned in a book’ – very nice!
    ‘having triplets’ – not sure this will always be taken too well!

  2. Very nice. So many great images. I am left with the apple core tossed away as that is what I won’t be able to forget.

  3. I feel nervous like a man in a four dollar hotel room.

    I feel like Johnny Cash.

    I feel like a man who jumps off the Titanic only to be rescued by Flight 93

    I feel like Hitler on his wedding night.

    I feel like driving to Texas and back,

  4. I feel like the notes in the best song I ever heard just became the clearest and most beautiful things I ever heard and every second of them is like a moment I can never say is wasted time.

  5. Like dancing in a brand new dress,
    Like falling and never having to land,
    Like feeling the cool rain of Autumn against my cheeks and not being cold,
    And like my heart will expand to the point of combustion

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