The Advantages of Being a Writer

Woman writing

A writer is an innocent liar, a soother of troubled minds, a gluer of broken hearts, a rememberer of forgotten dreams, a trickster that can make others laugh by tickling himself… The joy of playing all those roles, that is the great advantage of being a writer. And then there are other perks as well…

Enlightenment, because you read much, and books lighten up the darkest corners of your mind.

Freedom to be eccentric, because most people agree that writers should be a little quirky.

Treatment for melancholy, because writing about your misfortunes makes you feel better.

Quiet, because most books are written in chambers where silence reigns supreme, away from the bustle of the noisy world.

Home life, because you can change the world from your own bedroom while wearing pajamas all day.

Tolerance, because when you create stories you deal with the good and the bad, the moral and the immoral, the weak and the strong, and you learn to understand and to accept contrasts.

Solitude, because the world is crowded and giddy and not always a good place to be in. Those that can live alone tend to have strong hearts and clear minds. They also have small families, it’s true.

Everlasting hope, because every story you write allows you to create a new life for yourself.

Low accident risk, because when you spend so much time indoors in a cozy and familiar environment like your attic you are not likely to trip over anything and break an arm or a leg, or get involved in a car accident, or be bitten by a stray dog, or get into a brawl because of a woman. It’s a dangerous business going out your front door, said Tolkien, and I agree.

Opportunity to travel, because if you write a good book and people read it you could go on tour.

Enhanced eyesight, because for a writer a red shawl worn by a pretty woman on the street can be so much more than a piece of fabric… it can be a metaphor, a theme, the spark for a story.

Personal fulfilment, because the satisfaction you get by turning your ideas and emotions into stories that make other people happy is tremendous.

Contentment, because when your writing resonates with another reader, you feel a profound satisfaction that warms the heart and makes you exclaim floccinaucinihilipilification!

Immortality, because if you tell a great story you make an important contribution to the cultural heritage of the world, and you will be remembered. You would have not lived in vain.

(Recently I’ve also written about The Disadvantages of Being a Writer)

What other advantages would you add to this list?

31 thoughts on “The Advantages of Being a Writer

  1. that sensation of “someone getting it” is the biggest thrill. The connection. And kudoz if writing has made your eyesight better! Mine is the worse–though I dig the cerebral aspect of that remark, and with glasses–for me, at least–it’s true. 🙂

  2. When you can write, you can do just about anything. A good writer can make it look like they know what they’re talking about, even if they can’t. Writing makes you look smart. 🙂

  3. I used to write. I delude myself with the idea that one day I could become a screenwriter/writer… I stopped writing. The ideas get stuck in my mind rotting day by day. That’s why I admire who can write because I can not anymore.

      1. I tried, but could not fill a page or half u_u’ That’s ok, maybe I try again or maybe not. Meanwhile, I appreciate what others write.

  4. I love the word “floccinaucinihilipilification.” It’s so much fun to see it used in a context other than “what are long words you can think of.”

      1. Now that I have had my martini, and I’m sitting in bed reading posts from the Boy, I am quite well 😉 But why do your posts keep disappearing? Apparently not everyone likes the Boy, but I didn’t get to read the rest of the story 😦

        1. Oh, that was a positive misunderstanding.

          Some mischievous friends played a prank on a girl with exceedingly blue eyes (like you). All is well. I have submitted a marriage proposal.

          PS: You have inky hair too…

  5. This is simply beautiful … Inspiring, and indeed correct. One of my dearest dreams is becoming a writer, and this awakens my passion even more 🙂

      1. I would teach you but I live in Lebanon, so that would be almost impossible! Le francais, c’est la plus belle langue au monde entier.

  6. I love low accident risk! Much better than being a porcupine handler.

    Being a writer keeps me out of shops. I know my husband appreciates that perk.

  7. “Home life, because you can change the world from your own bedroom while wearing pajamas all day.” … 🙂

    Actually staying at home provides a very high accident risk. Both physical and mental. It’s statistics, I’m not philosophizing.

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