A Writer Is An Innocent Liar

Elephant painted on a hand

Who doesn’t tell a lie from time to time?

An unhappy housewife tells her husband she is visiting a friend when in truth she meets her handsome swain…

A little child tells his mother the cat had bumped into the piggy bank and shattered it on the floor when it truth he had smashed to get money for toys…

A father tells his little child he bumped his head on a cupboard when it truth his young mistress had thrown at him her red shoe…

A young woman tells her mother she found work as a model when in truth an older man pays her rent…

A mother tells her daughter her father died in the war when it truth he ran with another woman…

A young man lies to a few people that he is called Vincent Mars, when in truth his real name is…

What’s the latest lie you’ve told?

24 thoughts on “A Writer Is An Innocent Liar

  1. I think the easiest (or most likely) lies are those I tell to get someone off my back. I am exhausted all the time, so when friends ask to get together or do something, I am more likely to conjure up a make-believe scheduling conflict than to admit I’m too tired to make the effort.

  2. «Where have you been?”, she yelled, her face making that famous tomato-face again.
    “I was with a friend”, I answered hastily. Remembering her 13 missed calls, I said: “And my phone died”

    Well, the truth is that I was out all night, listening to jazz, drinking forbidden, but delicious wine and talking to strangers.

    Why did I lie?

    I know she wouldn’t believe me.

  3. “A young man lies to a few people that he is called Vincent Mars, when in truth his real name is…”

    I call foul, sir! I admitted to you that my name was, indeed, Alejandro Mandrack. I have been swindled.

  4. “before you reach God the saints tear you apart”

    Vincent…I have a feeling this means something other than what it seems to mean…
    to me it means that “saints” are the people who believe they are doing good will and judging us…and perhaps “God” cares not about our lies or our mistakes, and would never judge or punish us for it…but it doesn’t matter what “God” would do…because the “saints”, the judgmental ones who claim to speak in his name…tear us down before we ever learn that we were whole to begin with (lies and all).


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