13 Signs That You Are In Love


If you have 7 or more of the following peculiar symptoms, you have contracted the sweetest disease in the history of humanity…

  1. Your heart drums when you think of her.
  2. You suffer from restless apathy, chilly sweats, and itchy skin.
  3. Your best clothes have suddenly become unfit for you – they are either too large or too small.
  4. You feel you have a pebble in your shoe when you walk alone on the street, and yet when you take off your shoe and look into it, you find nothing.
  5. You eat more chocolate than usual, but otherwise you fast.
  6. Your heart skips a beat when you see on the street another woman dressed like her.
  7. You feel that each new woman you see seems faded compared to her, and that the more women you see, the lovelier her remembrance becomes.
  8. You want to buy her a teddy bear or a puppy and give it to her with a love note but you don’t dare do it because you fear she will think it silly.
  9. You hope that her shoelace will untie itself when you are near, so you can kneel at her feet and tie the troublesome shoelace for her.
  10. You pray, when you turn a street corner, that you will meet her (and if that happens you will pretend it was all a curious coincidence, when in truth you’ve spent the last two hours wandering through her neighbourhood hoping you would bump into her).
  11. Your double bed has become way too big for you.
  12. You often hug your pillow and kiss it imagining it is her.
  13. You no longer do shameful things to yourself in a shadowy bathroom since you’ve fallen in love with her, because the thought of her is enough to fill you with contentment, and make any other stimulation unnecessary…


All is well, all is well…

37 thoughts on “13 Signs That You Are In Love

  1. I think this is more of a “If you are a man these are 13 signs…”… At least some of them. And that is beside the fact that most of them contain the word “her”.

    I find 7, 9 & 10 especially sweet and romantic. It makes me “aww” ;).

    1. Well, I’m a boy.

      Women have a totally different way of falling in love than men, which I find quite unexplainable. 😉

      I think Coco should be asked to explain how women fall in love. She knows a lot about such things.

      And you’ve winked three times today, more than in any other day. What does that mean?

      And do you happen to like the painting? I’m not sure who sent it to me but I like it. I found it in a folder titled FROM [INSERT NAME HERE]…


  2. The things you write make me want to sleep all the time. That way I can dream of the romance you often describe.

  3. Laughing my heart out! Who will want to find a cure for what you call the sweetest disease in humanity? I even see that many people want to get infected. I would have worked on the antidote, but it might not sell. I’m having a good laugh! 🙂

  4. The painting is outstanding and you must find out who the artist is. As far as love is concerned, it’s just a hormone called Oxytosin, or something like that. It floods your body and lifts your spirits and makes you love everybody because you love the One. But like adrenalin and other hormones, it dissipates. You can make it dissipate if you concentrate hard enough. Then you are sad because it is gone. Oh, one other thing–a rush of Oxytosin can be triggered by a kitten crawling trustingly up your chest. Try it.

    1. An informative comment. I don’t have a kitten at the moment but will get one soon.

      As to the artist, he’s called Leonid Afremov.

      I have two galleries of his works featured in my Saturday and Sunday posts.

  5. thankyou for the like on my post— Art, poetry & writing is a shared cherished love.. but more importantly I love this because it is written truth.
    Pure brilliance!

  6. Somewhat unrelated, but I love the image you used, the painting. Do you know who did it and what it is called?

    1. I believe it’s by Willem Haenraets. A hatted lady sent it to me from Barcelona.

      Fancy name!

      My dear friend Oliver knows a Lady Katherine Frost. Are you by any chance related to her? Cousins maybe?

      1. I’m not sure, but I don’t think so (on being related to Katherin Frost). However, with facebook I am constantly being introduced to relatives I never even knew exited before!

        Thanks for the artist information!

  7. Very true… Perhaps this will help some realize that they ARE in love. 😀 Love your art chosen to accompany!

  8. I used to be skeptic that if a guy could be crazily be in love with someone and if he has butterfly in his stomach.. Until I read this post of yours! Nice job! You succesfully convinced me now. 😀

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