Why would any sensible person chose to become a writer?

Towards the sun

Why would anyone give up hours, days, weeks, months of life in this marvelous and giddy world to lock himself in a room and stain white paper with black ink to try to make colorful thoughts?

Why would anyone fill with words pages that might end up becoming only a stack of love letters never sent, yellowing in a shadowy drawer?

Why would anyone chose the labyrinthine path of the writer, going through dark forests of uncertainty and barren valleys of self-doubt, when he could instead prefer the well-trodden road of the teacher, or of the librarian, or of the carpenter?

Why would anyone want to dream beautiful lies instead of living sober truths?

Why does the sun rise every day morning?

I don’t have answers to any of these questions, but maybe you do?

79 thoughts on “Why would any sensible person chose to become a writer?

    1. Classify me as crazy as well, but also I write because my colors can become real anyday. Afterall, h.g wells predicted the atomic bomb. Writers, we are scientists with extensive imaginations. Whose to say we don’t collect information from our surroundings (or wishful [Yes] surroundings and transfer it to paper, making it a theory WAITING TO BE TESTED- AS SOON AS THE TECHNOLOGY IS AVAILABLE FOR OUR SUPERB ABERRATIONS-hmmm, i mean theories.
      I forgot that that was a question.

      1. I like the association between artists and scientists, as a painter and a fan of astronomy, I find such beauty in those pictures you can find of nebulaes, galaxies and almost everything…I don’t paint them, but they sure are inspiring. Also I used to read more science-fiction, and Asimov to me was a good bridge between science and story telling.

  1. G.K. Chesterton: “The sun does not rise because of the rotation of the earth. The sun rises because God says to it, ‘Get up!’ ”

    The sun and I share the same reason for doing what we do 🙂

  2. No sensible person would. But who wants to read the ramblings of a sensible person?

    “Sharon got up at exactly the right time. She didn’t need an alarm clock – she was a morning person! She had a sensible breakfast of bran buds and low fat milk. The wholesome brown colour of the cereal was very satisfying. Her car keys were waiting in the basket near the door, in exactly the place she left them every night. She sailed out the door and drove to work, carefully following the posted speed limits and rules of the road.”

    See? Boring…

              1. a black book is a means by which that a gentleman discretely keep track of the names of the lady’s he’s keeping, their phone numbers, and other interesting information he may wish to remember.

  3. I write to give my thoughts a, somewhat, coherent place to live. I’m not often successful but the effort is sometimes worth it. Thanks for liking my incoherence and I look forward to dropping by your site again, cheers.

        1. That’s dangerous. I once sat with my legs crossed for a whole day reading a book and then the next day I could not walk properly.

          A boy could live with that, but not a girl! 🙂

  4. It’s not all bad. I just read this interview today with Roberto Calasso. The interviewer says to him at the end: ‘perhaps there are two species of creators and writers – the ones who are essentially tortured and unhappy as they are doing it, and the others. And it seems as though your entire life’s work is a form of meditation, it nourishes you enormously.’
    That’s why I chose to write – because it makes me feel very very alive.

  5. It is the only way to stay sane! Without writing I would have killed myself along with every other person I ever encountered a longgg time ago. It’s the only way to sort out the chaos in the mind

  6. Because it isn’t giving up (days, weeks, months, tears, blood, sweat, etc.) at all; it’s spending them wisely. For therapy or fame or obsessive reasons; at least it is passionate and driven.

      1. Aussie aunts are always pardoned.

        In fact, not only pardoned, but also rewarded.

        I have written a 50-word story about you and Pepi. Will post it Wednesday.

        It’s glorious.

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