Sweet Friends, I Have Returned From My Literary Adventures

The last two weeks have been glorious. The ride on the cloud was joyful, the view picturesque, the companions wonderful. Things would have been even better if during the second week of the cloud ride my left tonsil would have not tried to sabotage my happiness by assuming the appearance of a ripe cherry, but all is good – I can still kiss as well as any man.

The view from the cloud

I started with a 75,000 word story about Oliver Colors, the moonbeamed painter, and the mean Katherine Frost, and the plan was to trim it to around 60,000. However, the story has grown to 85,000 words. I have added to it a Shakespearean dimension, without planning to – it just happened. This addition might have sprinkled magic on it, or ruined it completely. It is too early to tell…

Over the next months I will keep tinkering with it, but for now I will leave it be for a while.

Back to earth

During my disconnect I realized how fond I have become of this journal and of you. So I decided to make some improvements.

The domain name has changed to vincentmars.com. Vincent Mars will be my pen name. Does it sound good?

I have also purchased a premium theme, Elemin, which is much like the old Manifest, but has a two-column layout and more customization options. It is also more polished.

I like the new look, but I really want to know what you make of it. I will not keep it if you do not like it.

29 thoughts on “Sweet Friends, I Have Returned From My Literary Adventures

  1. I really like the new theme, but think you should add the writing desk picture that you had in the last theme to your header or background to complete the look (in my opinion, of course). It’s good to hear from you! 🙂

      1. I’m doing pretty well, thanks! I’m back at school which really restricts me as I am in my final year. I can see why you dropped out, I know what I want, but I need to finish school and college to get the right qualifications. If only society judged people by their character instead of pieces of paper they own stating their achievements… 🙂

  2. Welcome back! I like the new look, but I agree with that Daniel bloke up there – the writing desk should make a return. Glad to hear your journey was successful, and sorry about your unfortunate tonsil.

  3. Welcome back, my favorite Martian. Glad you had a pleasant time on your two week journey. I like the new look, but I only see it in mobile right now. Look forward to seeing on a computer. Vincent Mars – I like it. It’s enigmatic without feeling forced.

  4. I like the new design. I’ve changed my own site design six times in as many months before finally settling on one I liked.

    That said, I feel the old theme was perfectly suited for this site. That clean, minimalist nature accentuated the essence of this site, and what I have come to associate with your writing style and philosophy.

    1. I’ve actually changed the theme from Elemin to this one. I’m now trying to make some modifications to it to further strip it down, but I would really like a sidebar.

      I loved the old theme, but it did not support a sidebar, only a footer for widgets, which being only at the bottom of the screen was not at all visible. Thus older posts were well hidden.

      I don’t want this journal to be a linear story, where readers check only the most recent posts, but rather as one made up of fragments, where older posts are still relevant.

      I’ll see…

      1. The sidebar is to webmaster as dog is to man; the best friend.

        Until it poops on the floor.

        The relationship is quickly mended.

        Perhaps my initial reaction has more to do with my inconsistent relationship with change than the functionality and aesthetics of the page.

        Your case for change is compelling.

  5. I understand the need for change…sigh. Personally, I liked the old one better – I like white, clean pages. But I am a creature of habit, too, so I suppose I’ll get over it. Love your name…and the intriguing twist to your story. Be well… 🙂

    1. Dear aunt I liked the old theme much, but its limitations…

      I will see how this works. If people will not like it I will chage it again.

      Show it to Pepi and tell me what he makes of it. One bark means he likes it, two barks means he does not.

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