Goodbye! Farewell! Adieu!

Painting of a hatted boy on a cloud.

Friends, muses, imaginary lovers, and other followers, I wave you goodbye, and jump on my cloud. I am afraid of heights, but I hold on to my hat. I am leaving you. I am resolved.

I have put on my finest hat, closed my books, unplugged my phone and Internet cable, cut off all social relations, hoarded food, sharpened my pencil, locked myself in my cosy room, and began rewriting the story of Oliver Colors, the Moonbeamed Painter.

From the 19th of August to the 2nd of September I will wake up at 7:07 and go to bed no earlier than 23:23. I have with me my papers and my pencil, my laptop, and my iPod with a carefully selected playlist containing 101 favorite songs. But all I really need is under my hat, and somewhere in my chest.

Posts shall be posted

The giddy planet will continue to rotate during my 2-week absence. I wrote some posts in advance and scheduled them, and they should appear in the Reader, unless the elves are up to mischief.

  • 50-word stories will be posted every workday, as usual.
  • Other posts will appear weekly.

I will read all comments and reply to them when I return. I promise.

Waving goodbye

Ladies with hats, ladies without hats, proper and improper gentlemen, boys and girls, and other followers, I will miss you more than your romantic hearts and intellectual minds would have you believe.

The next two weeks could bring me immortality someday. Or the madhouse right away. But I am resolved. I have to jump on my cloud. Maybe I will get good wind.

When you go out tomorrow, look up at the sky, and you might see me ride a cloud. Shout my name and wave at me, and I will wave back.

46 thoughts on “Goodbye! Farewell! Adieu!

  1. With fondness, I truly you wish you good luck, hatted man.
    But before you go off on that cloud
    I would suggest that you “ride” it
    As opposed to
    “you might see me ridding a cloud”
    As someone (like me) might be tempted if you’re “ridding” a cloud
    to bid you good “riddance.”

    😉 Randy

    1. Dear Randy, you are gravely mistaken. The sentence had always been ‘ride a cloud’. Unless you offer irrefutable proof…

      PS: Ha!I might have mistyped a ‘d’ there…But it was all because I was eager to ride my cloud!

  2. I wish you the best in your endeavor, my friend. I shall not say goodbye, rather my favorite phrase of the two or so that I remember from German class. “Auf Wiedersehen” (until I see you again).

  3. All the best to your writing endeavor. I hope it all goes well for you. I will miss you. I love reading your stories. Hurry back ! cheers Judy 🙂

  4. “eleuterio said nothing. how could he defend himself? his wife didn’t understand art, how by creating something you can keep yourself from dying.”

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