Meet My House Plants

A bit of greenery never hurt a room, right? I don’t think house plants or flowers in general are a girlie thing. More than grace and beauty, plants can cheer up empty spaces, bring calm with their still presence, and may even purify the air.

I’m not quite sure how the first plant made its way into my room. It may have been a gift. Up until then, I didn’t give plants much thought. I was more of a tree person, and even that, from a distance.

House plants like I have are not demanding—they are generous with their greenery while asking only for a little water and some sun.

That one over there is my bonsai before prunning–I did prune it recently and now it looks trim. I like it went plants follow the light and grow their own way, irregardless of our notions of balance and order.

This cactus here–Old man cactus I think it’s called–leads the windowsill procession of apparently grouchy but truly undemanding cacti. When raindrops die on the windowpane, these prickly fellows don’t even flinch.

This yucca plant here is the latest addition to my room–a birthday gift.

I hope you have at least one plant in your house whose care you’ve taken upon yourself. Yes, even you, boys.

Plants have a wise way of teaching us calm and changing the quality of the silence in a room–refreshing it in their own still and steady way.

So wise we’re not even aware of it–until watering time comes, that is.

2 thoughts on “Meet My House Plants

  1. I’m don’t think I’m a plant person, though I’ve never had to choose too but I think your plants look pretty especially the bonsai

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