Save the Hen!

I know it’s been a while, but I am back and need your help.

Someone dear recently gave me this chocolate hen.

Isn’t it pretty?

But there’s a problem…

I don’t want to eat it!!!

I want to preserve it if possible and put it in a quiet place – under a glass covering if need be, so it won’t gather dust, and gaze upon it now and then and be happy with its quiet presence there.

But I am not sure what steps to take in this direction. Someone suggested shellac, but do you think that would work with chocolate?

Now, before you start telling me about the ephemerality of all things, and how we humans are destined to watch as things perish around us and must resign ourselves to this, let me just say that this hen is very dear to me and I would very much prefer to rescue her from the insidious effects of time.

Any advice is appreciated. Please share this post with anyone you think may be able to provide an answer.

Please help me save the hen!

7 thoughts on “Save the Hen!

  1. Hi, have you found a solution to this? a person who treasures sentimental value of things, I could give you a suggestion to use a wax to mold the actual shape of the hen and later use it to create a 2 part (each side) hen-shaped clear resin to put the actual chocolate you treasure into it and seal it

      1. Try to bury a chocolate bar into a clear resin first, if it works, you can do it with the hen without without damaging it

  2. I dont live nearby, so I can’t recommend any particular store, but if you can find a craft store that has wax in your neighborhood I think it also sell resin and at least they will have some experince with that kind of craft. If you cant find any, try to go to ace hardware or any place similar that offers household tools and stuff

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