The “I don’t have time” excuse 

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There are days when I don’t write enough. Or spend enough time with the people I care about. Or do the things I want to do. On those days, I go to bed feeling disappointed, maybe even miserable. 

“If I only had more time…” a voice in my head tells me.

But even as I listen to it I know the fallacy of that thought. There’s never going to be more time than now.  Not tomorrow, not in the weekend, not if I stop working and live off my savings. Not even after I retire, if I get that far.

Time is something I make for myself. If I don’t make enough time for the things I want to do, I will become a different self than the self that tries to assert itself. I’ll still be me, but a sad and disappointed version of myself. Never having enough time packs you in a corner. Makes you small.

The excuse of not having enough time has everything to do with the me in my head. The me in my head wants to do more than the me that I am, and to do it better. It’s the me in my head that reproaches me that I don’t do enough. It’s a me steeped in dreams and the imagination. Maybe it’s even the voice of conscience. Conscience is nothing if not the compass that points us toward a fulfilling life.

It takes more than planning to make time. More that a task list. It takes concentration, passion, and clearheadedness. Yet sometimes, simply knowing that you have to make more time is enough to make it. Sometimes, time makes itself. And when that happens, we get to live some of the best days of our lives.


What was the last thing you didn’t have the time to do?

10 thoughts on “The “I don’t have time” excuse 

  1. I always feel like I don’t have enough time.Being in hospital for the greater part of ten years of my life fighting cancer,and coming out the end and getting back to health, I always want to cram as much as I can about my passions in a day… there is so much to see and do, so many experience to have and share with loved ones; long lists and short days. But I always end the day with a smile on my face remembering what I did that day, even if it is taking time out to watch a movie. I revel in everything because there was a time when it was doubtful I’d get another day.

    There never feels like there is enough time, but I count the time I have as a blessing.

  2. I feel this deeply. I always need to change my sentence to saying guiltily, “I didn’t make time for it.” I had time, just used it in a different way. We need to squeeze things in, but only we have the power to “make” time for it.

  3. As a full time university student, I always feel like there isn’t enough time in the day. After I return home from my classes, complete all my homework and make dinner, I only have a couple hours left before bed. And sometimes I’m just so tired that writing is out of the question.
    I always say to myself that I need days to be 48 hours long.
    My spare time comes in breaks between classes. Even 10 minutes is enough to whip out my laptop and get a paragraph down.

  4. Prioritise. This is the buzz word with time management. The trick is not just prioritising the thing that is going to benefit us most..financially.
    Sometimes we need to take time for our self.
    I am the world’s greatest procrastinator though. I have 2 assignments overdue now and one due next week. Problem is..this time I have fallen I’ll and unable to look at a computer.
    Granted I am writing this blog response. I am doing it on my mobile in a doctor’s waiting room though.
    Thanks for your post.

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