The “I don’t have time” excuse 

There are days when I don't write enough. Or spend enough time with the people I care about. Or do the things I want to do. On those days, I go to bed feeling disappointed, maybe even miserable.  "If I only had more time..." a voice in my head tells me. But even as I … Continue reading The “I don’t have time” excuse 

On Positive Emptiness

Do you ever notice the empty spaces between and within things? The diamond holes in a chainlike fence, the empty space within your room, the emptiness around an interesting person on the street, an emptiness out of which she or he seems to have materialized before your eyes? Our world is full of objects and … Continue reading On Positive Emptiness

Letter From My Spiritual Self to My Everyday Self

I urge you, dear friend, not to take for granted your good health, your eyesight, your hearing, your sense of smell, your taste buds, your ease of movement, your thoughts, your emotions, not even the air you breathe. Please don’t. Do you realize that in an instant you could lose any of them or maybe … Continue reading Letter From My Spiritual Self to My Everyday Self