The Benefits of Writing As a Daily Habit

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Writing every day can be a good habit even if you don’t want to become an author. It’s a relaxing, cathartic, deep experience that can help you become a better version of yourself.

Sharpens thinking

On paper we think more clearly than we do in our heads. Even if we don’t set out to write our thoughts, our writing usually encompasses them. Our thoughts pop up in our blog posts, in our messages, in our stories even, in the voice of other characters. There are also times when we don’t know what we think. Writing is then a way for us to make sense of our thoughts, to learn what we actually think about something.

Promotes catharsis

In psychoanalysis, catharsis stands for the “purging of emotional tensions”. Emotional tension is something that builds up over time, whether or not life’s giving us a hard time. Writing about those tensions is a simple and inexpensive way to let them out before they settle in us, like dregs at the bottom of an old bottle of wine.

Slows down time

Writing and memory work together to give our past meaning. Even if it’s just writing a few notes about what you did last week, you can give a stronger meaning to your past. You can also go back to that writing later, or share it with others.

Calms us

Imagine that you are angry. Someone did something bad to you. Or something awful happened. You can write about that, you can shout and scream on the page in capitals and with as many exclamation marks as you want. By the time you’re done you’ll not only feel a bit better, but you may even realize just how hard you’ve taken everything. After you’ve written about something, you can look at it more objectively, because everything has been translated into words on a page or on a screen. It’s no longer in you, it’s out there. And it may seem not that bad anymore, certainly not hopeless.

Improves communication

Letters may be out of fashion, but blogs are not, neither are text messages, social media, and email. Many of us express ourselves better in writing. When we talk, we feel that we’re not saying everything, or that we’re just agreeing with the one that’s talking.

Unburdens you

After writing, we often feel lighter. We get things off our chest. Even if writing can’t solve our problems, save our relationships, or advance our careers, it can detoxify us of excess thoughts and desires.

Saves you from doing worse things

Writing is mostly harmless. Writing is also cheap. When you write, you don’t do a thousand other things that can be bad for you. When you write, you may not smoke or drink. You may not binge eat. You may not go to fast food shops. You may not just waste hours in front of the TV. Writing also helps you save money. It keeps you inside, in one place. No shopping, no traveling, nothing. Just writing.

Leads ever deeper inside you

Even when we write about others, we relate everything to ourselves. We validate or invalidate beliefs. We form impressions. We increase our knowledge. No written word is wasted if it’s written with pleasure, because writing isn’t just words on paper, but a mirror held in front of you, which shows you what your bathroom mirror can’t.

What other benefit of writing have I missed? And do you ever write when you don’t have to, just for the pleasure of it?

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28 thoughts on “The Benefits of Writing As a Daily Habit

  1. This was excellent. Thank you so much! It’s all true but I didn’t know it until I read your blog.

  2. I agree with your article, I have developed a habit of writing one sentence minimum every day and I feel less stressed afterwards. Writing can provide a calm feeling, it’s like self-communication.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I have just recently started my first blog (only 3 posts at this point) and tonight I was trying to figure out why I really wanted to do this. I think this post gives me all the reasons in the world to continue writing each day! I do find it gives me peace in my difficult days.

  4. I agree, I also do feel better after writing. See, at the moment… I want to write. But I don’t have ‘Inspiration’ to fuel my desire to write. I want to though, but maybe I should.

    Although I do have a lot of pent up anger and resentment at the moment. Maybe I’ll writing one sentence about how I feel! That may just work! 😊😊😊

    Thanks for this Vincent!

    – A.J. BAWSE, Xx

  5. Agree on everything here. I write everyday because I’m a blogger for a company. It’s the best job for an introvert like me and it keeps me sharp.

  6. I’m not a great writer, but I’ve been pushing myself to write about things that I do, things that inspire me, just to practice my creativity and of-course push my ability to express myself!

  7. I agree with you. Though for me I’ve always used notebooks and journals to put my thoughts into. I just started my blog recently so I can write my thoughts there and also upload pictures I take. I was considering IG, but I don’t think its the best place to just let go of your thoughts especially there’s people there who you know or are really nosy.

    So far I’m enjoying it. Anything I can think of I post no matter if its once a day or 3 times a day!

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