Black Tomcat

9 thoughts on “Black Tomcat

    1. Exactly what i was thinking. He was so docile and unmoved by my efforts of interacting with him that you could have easily equipped him with such accessories, and pulled him by the whiskers besides.

    1. Yes, David, I have. It gives me an excuse to go out and interact with people. I live with my mother, so in a way yes, but I can’t afford to take Christmas too seriously.

      1. Interaction isn’t easy for some of us so I’m glad you’re managing some. Maybe the camera makes it easy and also for people to interact with you.
        I’m glad you’re with your mother so there’s someone you care about there. Christmas is about family and friends and giving. You give to many people by sharing your pictures and your experiences. Many people are rooting for you.
        Have a Wonderful Christmas…Nadolig Llawen.

  1. I heard somewhere that the more you are exposed to the sight of a cat, the more your intelligence decreases the longer you are exposed to it.

    That’s why I’m trying to think of a intelligent sounding comment to add instead of writing what I’m actually thinking which is: “Awwww Cat! CAT! Cute Happy Fluffy CAT!!”

    Congratulations on your recent photographs! 🙂 You’re becoming quite the photographer.
    Happy Christmas, Vincentiu!

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