Black and White Colors

Green bench

Sometimes, when you’re sad, a color catches your eye and cheers you up a bit… Here’s a selection of photographs in which one (or a few) colors stand out. Do you like them? Which is your favorite?

20 thoughts on “Black and White Colors

  1. My favourite is the one with the little red car (that looks like my old Micra) in front of the bank. It makes me think of light summer nights in the city.

  2. This is your best batch of photos yet. 1, 8, 13, &14 are the ones that stand out for me.

    In #1, for example, I would bet the grafitti is very colorful, but the color of it is gone and instead the highlight is the bench.

    The blue door is beaten and scarred but becomes inviting against the b&w background.

    The yellow smiley face stands out against the gray gloominess.

    And the red figure gets noticed when otherwise it would not.

  3. These are great photos–hypnotic the way they pull one into the scene. I will echo Susie’s inquiry: How did you do that?? Do tell. 🙂

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