The Fantastic Paintings of Gianni Bellini

Gianni Bellini was born in Carmignano (PO) in 1965. He is self-taught. In 1992 he affrescoed the main arch of the front of the San Pietro church of Seano, near his native city.

Which is your favorite?

14 thoughts on “The Fantastic Paintings of Gianni Bellini

  1. I love how so many of his paintings feature concert halls and music. My favorite is #5, because I love red, and it has the music background.

  2. They are all so good and I have so many that I really like.
    I think #4 takes away the prize. But #9, #16 and #28 are not far behind..
    Thanks for starting this feature on your blog, Vincent. Its beautiful, literally.

    So. Your favorite(s)?

  3. I love #8, #12, #18, and #24. All of them are absolutely incredible; but those four jumped off the screen and spoke to me. Such a talented and unique artist he is!

    Thank YOU for sharing such incredible art with me on such dreary, rainy day. This post as brightened my afternoon significantly.

    Which one(s) is(are) your favorite(s)?

  4. I am too sensitive. I hate the objectification of women that I find in many of the paintings you feature, Vincent. I see these as just as bad as the ads I see all over magazines and TV here in the States. This is not a criticism of you or the artists. I understand that these images are beautiful and well-done. It’s just…

    1. I actually left out some which are too spicy for me.

      I do agree with you.

      This artist actually has nudes of men too, and those are much more provocative than these ones.

      What’s interesting is that there are quite a few women painters who ‘objectify women’ too.

      Subject aside, these are excellently executed. 🙂

      1. Oh, I believe it. Some women are more sensitive to such matters than others. I just happen to be a sensitive one. And, yes, these paintings are great. 🙂

      1. The women are very sexy indeed. And expressive. The painting themselves don’t thrill me. And I must say, that catching emotions isn’t all that easy so I bow my head for that. However the technique itself… slightly reminds me those cheap hotel paintings. As for me, the pretty faces and the technique are two different things.

        You though always, ALWAYS posts the things YOU like. Because that’s what is most interesting. Don’t mind other opinions. This is your land. 🙂

        Big hug!

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